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How to Write The Thesis Statement of Your Research Paper

How to Write The Thesis Statement of Your Research Paper

Writing The Thesis Statement for a research paper can be difficult, but it is not impossible. It is the backbone for any essay and if you don’t have an interesting one, your paper will fall flat on its face.

It takes some time and careful thought to write a strong statement that will captivate your audience. A good thesis statement should be able to summarize your entire essay paper in just a few words. For example, “Thesis statements are important because they help organize papers.”

Thesis Statement Definition

A thesis statement is a concise sentence that summarizes the overall perspective of an academic work or term paper, while also stating what it intends to prove and why readers should care about its conclusions.

The thesis statement is the sentence that states what you are trying to say about a topic. It can be either an opinion, argument, or explanation based on evidence and reasoning. A good thesis statement will accomplish one of these things in as few words as possible.

Types of Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements can be either persuasive or informative. Persuasive essay statements argue one side of an argument, while informational ones do not take sides but provide information about a topic instead. Informational Thesis Statements entails the use of a definition, statement or quote.

Therefore, not all thesis statements are persuasive in nature; they can be informational as well.

There are two main types of thesis statements: broad generalizations and narrow points which present one aspect of an argument or point. Both types of thesis statements are good, but a broad generalization is more likely to be persuasive.

Examples of Broad General Thesis Statements

“Kids should get off their cell phones and enjoy the outdoors.”

This statement makes it seem like there isn’t much need for justification on this topic because getting kids away from technology will already solve most problems that parents may have with them being too connected or not spending enough time outside.

Some people might disagree, so it would be better if you could provide some evidence as to why children should spend less time on their phone and then how what they do when they’re out in nature could help fix these problems (exercising instead of sitting around all day).

Examples of Narrow Point Thesis Statement

“I believe that children should spend less time on their cell phones and more time in nature.”

Elements of a Powerful Thesis Statement

An effective thesis statement has three primary elements. It must be debatable, it needs to have evidence backing up the claim, and there needs to be an argument for why this is true. In other terms, the issue being discussed, why it is important and how you plan to approach this topic.

Example 1: “People should eat healthier because junk food’s negative effects outweigh its benefits” would make a strong point if you could provide other reasons as to why eating healthy foods leads to feeling better or having fewer health problems later in life.

Example 2: “The pollution problem will continue unless we find ways to reduce emissions.” In this sentence there is an issue (pollution), a reason for that issues importance (unless we find ways to reduce emissions) and then what I propose doing about the problem (find new solutions).

If someone agrees with this statement but doesn’t think it applies universally, they will disagree with your opinion–so again providing some examples (perhaps specific to your own life) would be helpful.

Length of a good Thesis Statement

The length of a good Thesis Statement depends on how many points it needs to make. A short thesis will be one sentence while long ones might have three or four sentences in them (or more).

A good Thesis Statement for an essay should be about 1 sentence long, that is, about 30 to 40 words. It’s important for your thesis statement to provide an interesting argument and make some sort of point or connection with the audience.

Tips for writing The Thesis Statement

  • Your thesis should have a clear purpose
  • You want it to be concise (although not overly simplistic)
  • Use strong verbs rather than passive voice
  • Thesis statements usually follow the formula “Thesis Statement,” followed by “because” followed by “evidence.”

Tip: sometimes a word like “because” can help connect your point with the audience by telling them why they should read what you’re writing. This can also work as your concluding statement for simple arguments, but works better when there are multiple reasons provided (like evidence!)

The Thesis Statement Examples

Some common types of thesis statements are cause and effect, contrast/comparison, persuasive arguments, or explanatory arguments.

A good example of a cause and effect statement is “Fast food causes obesity.” This type of argument has evidence like the negative health effects that come from fast food consumption including weight gain which leads to diabetes–the result being obesity.

Contrasting two seemingly similar things can also make for an interesting argument with this kind of thesis statement as in “The difference between Coca Cola Classic versus Diet Coke.”

In explaining why one might prefer one over the other you may mention flavor preference, sugar content (or lack thereof), calories consumed per serving etc., and the conclusion is that you have a better understanding of why one might want to drink Diet Coke over Coca Cola Classic.

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It’s important to have an effective thesis statement for written essay as it will be the foundation of everything else you write. Thesis statements are typically outlined in a sentence or two and should encapsulate what you want to argue, prove, or explore.

They can also include specific questions that need answering. Whatever form they take, strong thesis statements give readers direction about how the rest of your argument is going to unfold so make sure yours does its job.

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