Writing a compare and contrast essay: Free samples and Topics

Writing a compare and contrast essay: Free samples and Topics

It is important to understand the basics of writing a compare and contrast essay in order to be successful in your academic pursuits. A compare and contrast essay can follow any two subjects, but typically one subject will be from outside the reader’s experience or expertise, while another will be familiar. The purpose of this type of essay is to point out similarities between these two unrelated topics with an emphasis on their differences so that readers can better understand how they are similar and different. The following blog post consists of information on how to create an effective compare and contrast essay within academia standards for success!

Compare and Contrast Meaning

Comparison and contrast means to examine two different things with a view of highlighting their similarities, differences or both. This type of essay is usually used for literary analysis where the reader will compare major characters from books (or poems), ideas in an argumentative paper, or perspectives on important events. The point of this comparison is not just to show that they are similar but it also highlights difference between them so as to make one side more understandable than the other.

What is a compare and Contrast Essay?

The compare and contrast essay is a type of exposition that analyzes the similarities and differences between two subjects. It is a classic form of exposition that can be traced back to the time of Aristotle. This type of essay seeks to explore the differences between two objects, subjects, people or events in order to highlight their similarities as well as their unique qualities.

Types of Compare and Contrast Essays

1.      A literary analysis Compare and Contrast paper

This is where the reader will examine two different texts, such as books or poems, with a view to highlighting their similarities, differences or both. The point of this comparison is not just to show that they are similar but it also highlights difference between them so as to make one side more understandable than the other.

2.      An argumentative essay Compare and Contrast Paper

You could be comparing two perspectives on an issue like divorce rates or gun control regulations for example. The purpose would be either too highlight something wrong with one perspective (for instance if your views fall into the pro-gun lobby) or alternatively to bring out how nuanced each stance might actually be by putting them into comparison with one another.

How to write a compare and contrast essay: step by step

A good way to start thinking about what you want to write about is by brainstorming some ideas for each subject, then try narrowing it down to one or two main points. You may also find it helpful to take notes throughout your research process so you can quickly compile your thoughts when writing time comes around. When putting together the body paragraphs in your essay, make sure they are organized with an introduction followed by evidence from both sides before giving your opinion on which side came out as better than the other.

In a compare and contrast essay, you are required to state what two things are being compared and then provide evidence that they’re different in some way. The introductory paragraph of your essay should introduce the subject and give a little background on it.

You should also make sure to mention how you will be comparing this item with another one later in the paper, so readers know where the paper is going from the beginning.

Comparing and contrasting can be done in many different ways, but most often it is done by making a list of the similarities between the two subjects or pointing out their differences. Once you have decided what your points will be, make sure that they are organized into specific categories like appearance or function. The next step is to focus on one point at a time and write about it in detail before moving onto another point.

Compare and Contrast essay structure and Outline

It is important to consider the traits of both objects and people in your compare and contrast essay. Make sure you know what you want your conclusion to be, so that it can tie all aspects of the essay together nicely. Also make note of how many words should go into each body paragraph for a proper outline.

Be sure to use plenty of high-quality examples from sources like books or articles when writing your compare and contrast essays, as they will help support points made throughout the paper.

You may also find our free samples helpful if you are trying to come up with ideas on which topic would best fit an assignment!

A typical compare and contrast essay will include three sections with:

  • An introduction
  • Body paragraphs (1-3)
  • Conclusion

35+ Good Compare and Contrast essay topics

  1. Compare and Contrast the importance of hard work on success
  2. The benefits of living in a rural or urban area
  3. Sports Comparison: Football vs Soccer
  4. Should children have homework? To what degree should it be present in their education? Discuss each side.
  5. Compare and Contrast the way to properly achieve a healthy lifestyle
  6. Is it better to buy or rent your home?
  7. Should fat be labeled as unhealthy?
  8. Compare the way people use social media in different cultures
  9. Should all schools be public? Should some of them be private? What are the benefits and drawbacks to each side?
  10. The pros and cons of eating processed foods vs unprocessed or raw food
  11. Do you believe that there is a place for both organic farming as well as genetically modified crops? To what extent should we support one over another, if at all? Discuss your opinion on this matter. Which do you think has helped society more so far-genetically engineered plants or sustainable farming practices like permaculture – discuss why you feel this way? Or compare disease rates among populations who have grown up with either type of diet.
  12. Does God exist? Discuss both sides of this argument.
  13. How does time affect society: past, present, future? Compare and contrast what has been lost in history vs gained by technology.
  14. Why do we like watching sports so much? What are its benefits and drawbacks for today’s world population, especially kids growing up with screens on every street corner that they can access at any given moment day or night? Does our obsession with televised sports lead us to neglect other important aspects of life such as relationships, artistry/creativity etc.? Is there an alternative form of entertainment for those who cannot afford a TV or prefer not to have one in their bedroom?
  15. Compare and contrast the present day with ancient history
  16. What are positives of technology vs negatives?
  17. How the internet has changed our lives in five years; compare and contrast today’s world to what it was like five years ago
  18. The world has changed a lot in just a few thousand years. Compare this to how much it changes every hundred, or even ten years now. A study of past civilizations can give us an idea for what is possible from our future in terms of technology and societal perspectives on life.
  19. How did old cultures think about elections? What were their views on children’s rights? Were they so obsessed by social media that they spent all of their free time online? Some studies say that young people today are less creative than those who lived centuries ago because we have access to everything instantaneously instead of having to rely solely on our imaginations as they would have had too! Who knows if these same negative effects will be on us too in our lifetime?
  20. Writing different themes on technology in children’s lives as opposed to adult lifestyles (modern versus traditional)
  21. Pros and Cons of Facebook for Social Media Users.
  22. The effect of technology on children’s mental health
  23. How the internet has changed our perceptions and interactions with other people
  24. Is it possible for smartphones to be good for us?  Is there a point where we have enough screen time, and is there an upper limit that could help make sure this doesn’t happen?
  25. Explaining how “the Internet” can affect your mood.
  26. What you should look out for when using online dating sites (or any type of site) as opposed to traditional ways. Why texting may not be the best way to maintain a long term relationship
  27. What are the risks of social media apps like Snapchat or Instagram?  What do we risk when sharing personal images with people on these platforms and what can happen if they’re not secure?
  28. Is it possible for smartphones to be good for us, or is there a point where we have enough screen time that has an upper limit and helps make sure this doesn’t happen. What signs might someone show who’s in danger from too much smartphone use.
  29. The benefits of texting as opposed to calling (long form content).
  30. How does dating work out differently now than before thanks to technology? How would you know your partner was interested in another person instead of just being their friend online, leading them into messy breakups sometimes while never knowing what was really going on.
  31. How would your relationship experience change now? Would it make things less confusing for people more frequently? Or would we start forgetting how physical contact works all together, leading us into an entirely new world where everyone talks just through screens? What can happen when internet access goes down in homes at any given moment, making people feel a physical need to connect with others they don’t know?
  32. How would you feel about the internet in general now, knowing that it’s not always there for us when we need it most?
  33. Would this make you think differently of your favorite social media sites or how much time and energy people are putting into their online relationships?
  34. A study of the similarities between two people with different backgrounds
  35. Comparison of a parent’s love for their child to unconditional love
  36. What would happen if your life were broadcast on TV 24/hrs? Would you change anything about yourself or your routine?
  37. How does technology affect our minds as individuals, communities, cultures & relationships?

Free Compare and contrast essay examples

Free Sample 1

Different perspectives of marriage

Contrast: “Marriage between two people can be seen through three different types, traditional, modern or postmodern. In all cases; men or women are not restricted by which gender they marry, but each type has its own perspective on how it is done. Traditional marriages stay together no matter what while modern couples get out as soon as anything goes wrong such as infidelity for example. Postmodern marriages also know beforehand that their marriage will not last forever so both spouses are resigned to this from day one usually with some sort of prenuptial agreement signed beforehand, meaning that neither party will have to work very hard when it does come time to get into a divorce settlement.”

Compare: “When comparing marriage between two people, there are three different types of marriages that can be seen; traditional, modern and postmodern. In all cases men or women are not restricted by which gender they marry but each type has its own perspective on how it is done. Traditional marriages stay together no matter what while modern couples get out as soon as anything goes wrong such as infidelity for example. Postmodern marriages also know beforehand that their marriage will not last forever so both spouses are resigned to this from day one usually with some sort of prenuptial agreement signed beforehand meaning that neither party will have to work very hard when it ends

Free Sample 2:

In the article, “America’s divorce rate” by Michelle Singletary, she highlights that America has a 36% divorce rate.

However in the book, The Myth of Mars and Venus: Do Men and Women Really Speak Different Languages? by Deborah Tannen, it states that this is not necessarily true because men or women can have either one of three types marriages which are traditional marriage where they will stay together through thick and thin; modern marriage meaning to get out as soon as their spouse does anything wrong like cheating on them for example; finally there is postmodern marriage when both spouses know from day one that they won’t be staying with each other until death do us part.”

This shows how different perspectives come into play when writing a compare and contrast essay.

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