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What is the vital financial information needed to determine the

What is the vital financial information needed to determine the viability of your plan ?

What ratios will you use to determine if the proposed plan is a success?

What other, nonfinancial, information did you use to put your plan together?

Consider the assumptions made when completing Part 3.  What assumptions are made?  List the assumptions that you used to formulate this plan. 

Discuss the financial results from your Pro Forma projections. Include the net income results, breakeven analysis, and required expenses to commercialize your product or service.

Explain how you would determine your pricing model.  What seems most appropriate for your business and industry in which you will compete?  

Identify your cost structure. Is your business model cost-driven or value driven? Justify your selection.

Review your decision for a revenue model. Based on the financial statements, will this model generate a profit? Provide evidence to prove it.

Where are you getting capital to meet your strategic initiative?  What terms will be most likely deemed acceptable?

 Did you have to reevaluate (go back) why?

Part 5:

Complete the Projected Financial Statement Analysis (Pro Forma 3-Year Financial Plan) including the “Questions” tab, “12 Month P& L” tab, “Year 1” tab, “Year 2 P&L” tab, and “Year 3 P&L” tab. The first year is monthly and the second and third year are presented quarterly. Please note the questions in the “Questions” tab may be answered at different points in completing the Profit and Loss information.


This has to be on Beutymax.


Profit and Loss Statement            


Give careful thought to the headings.            

Expand the sales income and expenses area if your business has distinct categories (e.g. a restaurant may have food sales and beverage sales listed separately and cost of sales for each also separated).



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