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Week 2 ilab summit ridge mountain resort

This lab will use Microsoft Excel 2016.

Be sure you have read the required chapter materials and reviewed the hands-on exercise videos located on the Lesson page before you begin the lab.

Please do not rely solely on the hands-on exercise videos to complete this week’s lab. The videos provide detailed examples, walking you through the hands-on exercises. Applying the hands-on exercise examples will provide both practice and instruction of what to complete.

For example, your final assignment file should include six worksheets (Documentation, Sales Data, Daily Item Totals, Total Items Bar Chart, Percent of Sales Pie Chart, and Profits by Day Line Chart).

Please open the Week 1 Lab submitted and make any corrections or modifications. Save this new Excel workbook as Doe_J_Week2_Lab.xlsx.  Follow the lab steps to create formulas, utilize functions, and add charts to graphically depict the sales over time and by product.

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