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Theft of private, proprietary, or sensitive data | Information Systems homework help

The three major types of malicious activities that organizations and information systems face include:

  1. Hostile or malicious insider activity.
  2. Theft of private, proprietary, or sensitive data, by insiders or external attackers.
  3. Large scale DoS (denial-of-service) attacks.

Go to Strayer University Library to research one of these types of malicious activities.

Please respond to the following in a post of 150 – 200 words:

Based on your research:

  • Describe a present-day example of your selected type of malicious activity and its impact on the organization.
  • Specify the countermeasures the organization took to address the malicious activity.
  • Recommend at least one additional preventative countermeasure and at least one countermeasure organizations could take to address this type of activity once it has occurred.
  • Provide a full citation and reference, formatted according to Strayer Writing Standards.
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