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The weights (in grams) and humerus lengths (in inches) of 35 male



Question 1. (Minitab) The weights (in grams) and humerus lengths (in inches) of 35 male house sparrows that survived and 24 that perished from a severe winter storm were recorded. The data file is provided separately.

a)      Describe the individuals and the variables in this study. Specify the quantitative and the categorical variables?

b)      Construct a stem-and-leaf display (or stemplot) of the distribution of the humerus lengths of the 59 male house sparrows.

c)      Describe the shape, center, and spread of the distribution of humerus lengths.  Identify any suspected outliers.

d)      Make back-to-back stemplots of the humerus lengths for the male house sparrows that survived and those that perished. Write a brief comparison of the two distributions.








Question 2.  (Minitab)  How do cigarette excise taxes per 20-pack (in dollars) vary from state to state? The data set of the 2011 cigarette taxes for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Northern Marianas Islands is provided separately.

a)      Make a histogram of the data.

b)      Describe the distribution of the cigarette excise tax in the 54 states o regions. Use percentages to enrich your description.  Identify the outlying regions, if any. Say something about cigarette taxes in your native and/or adopted state or region.

c)      Look at the map of the 2011 state cigarette excise tax  in


Are there regions of the country where cigarette taxes are higher or lower?



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