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Systems development life cycle | Computer Science homework help

Imagine you have been hired as an information systems (IS) consultant for Healthy Harvest, a grocery store that sources most of its products from local farmers and producers in the surrounding counties. Healthy Harvest operates in two locations and wants to expand its services online via an app customers can use to order their groceries ahead for pickup or local delivery.

Healthy Harvest’s owner, Joan, doesn’t know much about the process of developing an information system. She balks at the estimated time it will take to have the app ready for public use, which also translates into time for which she needs to pay you to complete the product. You realize that you need to explain to her the benefits and value of approaching the project using systems analysis and design methodologies and decide to prepare a presentation to help illustrate the process and concepts.

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation that includes comprehensive speaker notes on the following:

  • Explain the systems development life cycle and 2 methodologies you could use to develop Healthy Harvest’s store app.
  • Use diagrams and other visuals that illustrate the processes.
  • Explain the importance and benefits of using a structured systems analysis and design approach on this project. Provide an example to illustrate each point.
  • Describe 2 tasks or deliverables in each SDLC phase you will be working on for this project. Explain why each is integral to the project.
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