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Social science – sociology 2720 ss module 2 assignment: social


 Instructions:For this assignment, you will reflect on your own experiences with group dynamics to explain Social Identity.

  1. Using what you have learned in the course materials and your personal experiences, respond to the following in a written document:
    • Using examples from your own experiences, explain how social identity affects group dynamics.
    • We have a fundamental need to belong to groups as evidenced by our reactions to solitude and loneliness. Describe evidence that supports (or does not support) this theory.
    • Think of a group in which you belong (now or in the past). What role does interpersonal attraction play in the group processes?
    • Using the Self Evaluation Maintenance model, compare and contrast downward and upward social comparison.


  2. Your paper should be at least 2 f page
  3. Please follow APA f
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