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Secure cloud architecture | Computer Science homework help

Business case:  Bule Sky Airport  ( third improvement) 

As an IT Manager, you were tasked to improve the performance of the local Airport’s (Bule Sky Airport ) Passenger Processing system.  This is to make the Airport more efficient and more secure. 

There are three databases in the Bule Sky Airport Passenger Processing IT system :

1-Passenger database will record and authenticate each passenger in the airport

2-Employee database will record and authenticate each employee in the airport

3-Flight database will record each flight in the airport

After having meetings with the airport owners and managers Passenger and Flight databases and related processing will be moved to the cloud.   

  • Boarding passes will be calculated and prepared on the cloud as well. The final version of the Boarding Pass will be printed on the printers at the airport
  • Flight logs along with the passenger checklist will be calculated and prepared on the cloud. The final version will be printed on the printers at the airport
  • Old Passenger and Flight data will be stored on the cloud (long-term storage)

Employee database and related calculations (calculating the salary and other benefits) will be done on the premises.

QUESTION 1: Write the benefits of “monthly cloud use” for passenger databases and flight databases and the related processing for the given Airport Case.

QUESTION 2: Before you begin the design process (to move Passenger and Flight databases and related processing to the cloud), you have to ensure that you have a complete set of system requirements. Write the Functional requirements and Nonfunctional system requirements

QUESTION 3: While you are designing your cloud-based solution for the airport system, how you would address the following issues related to the long-term operation of the airport?

Passenger Data Backup
Earthquake Disaster Recovery
Performance of Boarding Pass  processing 
Scalability to Accommodate  New Terminals in the Future 
Security of Passenger data

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