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Why Unemployment Differs for Immigrants | Homework help online

Unemployment can be well defined as a state where potential working-age groups are unable to find jobs but they are willing to work. This group includes persons waiting to return to the job after being discharged from their duties. The levels of unemployment have highly increased and are growing as time goes by. There are many reasons which have led to increased rates of unemployment in the nation. The general American public often associates with the upsurging rates of unemployment with the rising cases of immigration. They have a belief that the majority of immigrants come to America to look for work opportunities which may not be the case at hand. There are many other factors that have contributed to the growth of unemployment rates in the US. Frictional, structural, and cyclical conditions are key factors that have led to the increasing rates of unemployment in the US community.

Issues contributing to the increased level of unemployment in America

It is a high time Americans viewed the unemployment differently and walk away from the belief of it being caused by immigrants. A large number of them assume that individuals moving from their native land to seek refuge in the US do so in search of work opportunities. In most cases, most of them are in search of peace due to the prevailing conflict and wars in their countries. There are several causes of this as argued by economists and academics they are categorized into three. Close evaluation of these issues assists key stakeholders in finding viable solutions to unemployment cases in the US.

Frictional Unemployment

Workers abandon their present jobs in search of better opportunities. Others do so to find opportunities that match their skills or a need to relocate to another region. These aspects occur daily in the present life. The employable  As people advance their professional knowledge and skills, they aim at finding better jobs that can offer them quality wages, salaries, and other benefits. Most employers however are not hiring workers due to economic limitations. These challenges are barring them from employing potential workers since they are expected to ask for huge packages. Research shows that 36% of US citizens face frictional unemployment (Ramon Garcia and Valeri 455). The increased statistics show a dire need to handle this type of unemployment for the welfare of the US populations. The general public of America aged 18-40 should try and understand this instead of pushing the blame to the immigrant since the same also affects them greatly. Instead they should work together to create jobs. Alternatively, they should create individual opportunities that enable them to attain income that supports their livelihoods.

Structural unemployment

The gap in the demographic composition of the local US economy leads to structural unemployment. This leaves the nation prone to reduced working opportunities due to mismatch associated with one social and economic aspect or the other. Most of the immigrants are involve in crime and this is a reason why most of them are unemployed (Akoki and Todo 1538). For instance, the nation may have available technical jobs at its disposal. However, the available workers may not have the appropriate knowledge and skills to handle and operate these technical tasks. Another key scenario is where the nation has no available opportunities that can cater to the rising number of graduates. The United States experienced the Great Recession that led to the loss of jobs (Estevao and Evridiki 8). Skill mismatch creates numerous challenges for people in accessing jobs. Notably, advancement in technology has led to a decline in older industries which dictates the need to shed workers to stay competitive. There are numerous instances where many editors and production personnel have lost their jobs over the past times which was elicited by the growth of web-based advertising. Structural unemployment continues to affect access to jobs in the US community.

One of the segments that are largely affected is the media. The traditional sources had to close down as more consumers can access information via the internet. This leads to staff lay off creating increased structural unemployment rates. The other segment is the small and medium farmers that fail to match the modern and merging trends often used by affluent agri-business based individuals and organizations. As the US community experiences shifts from the old to new approaches, the locals suffer from loss of viable opportunities.  Most of them have failed to get jobs since their skills do not match the new trends. These conditions have led to the increased unemployment that leaves the US citizens striving to deal with the rising cost of living.

Cyclical unemployment

The lack of increased demand for goods and services results in advanced levels of unemployment. Inability to attain key economic benefits such as availability or market and higher demand for products is a major limitation affecting businesses based in the US. Labor market fluctuations cause increased unemployment in the United States (Elsby, Ryan, and Gary 89). When businesses go down during the recessionary cycle the worker is left unemployed. The unemployed consumer’s power to buy will also go down leading to a decrease in demands and services. This will lead to businesses contracting further causing more layoffs and more unemployment. These types of cycles will often spiral downwards until situations are improved by external forces especially government intrusions. The US general public should find other viable opportunities that can earn them income compared to blaming segments such as the immigrants for their misfortunes. The government should also look forward to developing policies that will lead to job creation for the growing public. There are many platforms if well used can give them more opening for job opportunities. This platform involves the development of technology which can see most of them get self-employed. They can also study the country and find areas that need more improvement and they can take the challenge to venture in the space they identify. This will not only employ the specific individual but will create job opportunities for others who are unemployed.

Ways to reduce unemployment levels

The target group of general American public aged 18-40 years should move towards the creation of jobs. All necessary stakeholders should work towards reducing the levels of unemployment. They can boost student contact with jobs in demand and at the same time provide an enhanced understanding of industry needs. It will increase the likely hood of young people to find new careers that interest them while utilizing their skills better. Besides creating individual opportunities leading to self-employment, the government should also initiate partnerships that provide support for the locals.

There should be postsecondary partnerships this will help the general public to be well exposed to real-world applications. This has greatly helped to proactively connect this target group with work experience. Mourshed, Diana, and Dominic state that learners should be exposed to the correct skills and knowledge to help them to attain jobs of their choice. Industry-focused skills programs should be promoted to help the public members develop innovative skills to help hook up with employers in the early stages of job search. The skill will help them get a job that fits them and will help them utilize their skills well. Not only does exposure to the right skills reduce increasing rates of unemployment but also the alignment of the local workforce.

Better alignment of workforce demand with college instructions should be established to help reduce unemployment. Hipp and Mildred (80) argue that monitoring and regulatory controls play a vital role in aligning the job market needs to meet the interests of the local workforce. Most business leaders play significant roles in communicating the skills that are in demand and need for achievement in today’s workforce. The use of facts to update on the recruiting process in the industry leaders can implement the feedback mechanisms for institutions to ensure college students are aligned to the job market. According to Feridun (352), immigrants have not been the reason for increased levels of unemployment. Boosting the quality and quantities of opportunities is another key factor that can assist in eliminating unemployment rates in the United States.

There is a need to focus on boosting the value and quantity of jobs. The policymakers should concentrate on the improvement of job value and incumbent jobs as well as developing extra new jobs. They should work closely with the government to pool the necessary support especially due to the allocation of resources. Unemployment can cuase havoc within lives of the jobless (Sen 155). These efforts can see the government work in hand with other interested stakeholders to create more jobs for the locals. These opportunities should match the emerging trends in the market. This will be made possible by improving economic leverage, negotiating for low and reasonable wage workers through a range of policy interventions. Most of the immigrants face it hard due to lack of quality and legitly approve citizenship papers this has made it hard to land employment in America.


Undoubtedly, most of the US populations are struggling with unemployment amidst the increased cost of living. Most of them have the notion and perception that the immigrants have greatly contributed to the rising cases of unemployment in the country. With cyclical, structural, and frictional unemployment being the key elements that cause the menace, a dire need exists for the government and other stakeholders to adopt strategic moves. The provision of postsecondary partnerships, boosting quality and quantity of jobs by creating more opportunities, as well as self-employment are some of the useful tactics in dealing with unemployment. The general American public should therefore change their views and engage in entrepreneurship to boost their incomes. At the same time, the government should also develop appropriate policies that help to create jobs and reduce the rising levels of unemployment.

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