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Use of Social Media in the Fight Against Social Media | Assignment Writing Online

The issue of gun violence targets young adults between the age of 18-30. Young adults in the United States are experiencing high rates of gun injuries and deaths. The exposure to gun violence has greatly impacted the children’s and teen’s mental and psychological well-being and affected their performance in school (Parsons et al., 2018). Considerably, when schools and neighborhoods are not safe due to gun violence, the entire generation of young adults in America is being affected. Thousands of young adults are shot by their peers, strangers or family members either unintentionally or intentionally.  Annually, approximately, 30,000 teens and young adults are shot or killed and 15,000 are injured thus bringing an average of about 51 American young adults daily (EverytownResearch.Org, 2019). Ideally, mass shooting impacts the children that see and those who recognize a friend that was shot and are living in fear of other shootings. Through taking a comprehensive look at gun violence among the youths in the United States, it is clear that there is a need to reduce the number of young adult gun deaths and injuries.

Young adults in the United States bear leading efforts to reduce gun violence (Reich, 2002). Children and teens are being urged to advocate for reduced gun violence among them. There is a need to do something different about strategies to reduce mass shootings. Through the utilization of data obtained from social platforms, such as photos, messages, emojis and hashtags and the creation of groups that will offer social advice, it is deemed that there will be reduced gun violence in the United States. Young people need to voice and mobilize their views on the issue of gun control in an extraordinary and unprecedented way. For instance, through social media campaigns such as #Never Again, Young adults need to advocate and support the end of gun violence among them.

Through entertaining and inspiring the young adults on social media, they will increasingly learn and understand the need to reduce gun violence. Considerably, entertaining and inspiring the audience will facilitate engagement and positive perceptions of the information against gun violence. Instead of just telling young adults to stop gun violence, entertain them through social media activity and then inspire them by offering counsel on gun violence.

Through entertaining and inspiring young adults they actively engage in social media activities. For instance, hashtags on social media platforms attract users to contribute and comment on various topics and emotions. Data will be obtained from their messages, post responses, hashtags, and emojis. This data will offer information that can be used to examine their behavior and character. Ideally, one’s online activity and posts can be used in determining their intent and what type of individual they are (Patton, 2018). Through monitoring the social media activity, it will be easier to not students that have poor peer relationships or that are being bullied. Messages and posts that have threats will be essential in identifying the potential bullying and thus interventions before it’s too late.

Instagram campaigns have the probability of offering important tools against gun violence in the United States. Considerably, these campaigns attract the engagement of students. This can be used to understand their intentions and behaviors after which interventions can be conducted to lower mass shootings and violence among young adults in society. Instagram campaigns will facilitate monitoring of young adults’ activity on social media thus allowing institutions to intervene in case of threats and bullying to retaliate the youths from using guns.

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