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Unemployment and Immigration Essay Paper | Homework Writers Online

My target audience will be the general American public, especially the young people between the ages of 18 and 40 (people of working age). I will seek to change the common belief that immigrants are the main reason why the rate of unemployment in the country has increased. A majority of Americans believe that immigrants come to the United States to steal their jobs. However, there are many factors that contribute to the increasing rate of unemployment. While most Americans believe that immigrants are the reason why they are losing jobs, the number of unemployed immigrants continues to increase. My main focus will be to explain the various issues that contribute to rising levels of unemployment in the country.

I will also focus on the various challenges that immigrants face when looking for employment in the country, to show that while immigrants are looked at as the problem, immigration often makes it harder for them to find work in the United States. While the points raised seek to ensure that the American people agree with me, my paper will focus on convincing the citizens to look at unemployment as a national issue that affects both natives and immigrants. Natives should understand that immigrants have a difficult time finding employment opportunities and that they should not be looked at or treated as the problem.

Society should focus on solving the unemployment problem by creating more job opportunities and making it easier for immigrants to get jobs. The discussion should not be the role of immigrants in the rising rate of unemployment, but the challenges that immigrants face when finding employment and the solutions to the unemployment problem in the country. In order to move the public and change common beliefs, I will first bring everyone to the table by stating the common beliefs and explaining why it is easy to think that an increasing number of immigrants is the main cause of unemployment rate increase in the country. This initial position will seek to show support for the common belief to capture the attention of the citizens.

After the citizens have been brought to the table, I will then explain why the common belief is not factual. This will be accomplished by providing proof and examples of cases where immigrants find it difficult to get jobs in the country. The various reasons why it is difficult for an immigrant to get a job in the country will be explained to the already attentive audience with the aim of getting the audience to understand the actual problem. By explaining the unemployment problem and its causes, I hope to convince the audience that unemployment is a problem that faces everyone and that there is a need to come together to find solutions to the problem.

Instead of using a traditional essay for purposes of communicating with society, a blog post or social media post will be a more effective way of communication. A majority of young people are active users of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. By using social media as the main method of addressing the issue, I will reach a wider audience and my campaign will be more fruitful. Not many young people of working age are willing to read a traditional essay, but most of them will not mind going through a social media post while going about their work or day to day activities.

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