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Technical Object Description: The Microphone | Online Assignment Writing Help

The technical object selected for the analysis is a microphone. A microphone entails a device that converts sound into an electrical signal. It is used to amplify sounds, mostly in public address systems, concert halls, public events, and telephone recordings. Microphones can also record voice, speech recognition, and non-acoustic purposes, such as ultrasonic sensors and object sensors. A modern microphone consists of around 7 Basic parts. The most essential  parts of the microphone include the windscreen, diaphragm, coil, capsule, body, and output.


Figure 1 Parts of a microphone

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Detailed Description

The first part of the microphone is the windscreen, which is the mic where one speaks. The windscreen entails a thin layer of foam designed to block out wind from entering the diaphragm, resulting in unnecessary noise in the signal. To avoid the movement of air in the windscreen, it is recommended to have an additional filter. The windscreen can be purchased separately from other parts of the microphone.

A second vital part of a microphone is a diaphragm, where the sound enters the microphone, going through the diaphragm and vibrates. The vibration then gets turned into an electric signal. The diagram is the mic’s membrane, where it plays a similar role in human eardrums (MicReviews , 2019). This part is the defining factor when talking about sound quality. The sound quality of the diagram determines its frequency and is capable of catching sound waves and the sound to get at the end.


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Figure 2 Detailed parts of a microphone

A third part of the microphone is the coil. This is attached to the diaphragm and is only found in dynamic microphones. The coil has a similar principle of working as the diaphragm. AS it vibrates, it moves back and forth between a magnet. As a result, the movement between the coil and the magnet creates the signal’s electrical energy, which then gets transmitted to the speakers (MicReviews , 2019). Then there is the magnetic core, which is an essential part of the mic. The magnetic core is essential for the mic in that it helps in the creation of a magnetic field for the coil, which then permits the vibration to create the electric signal.

The most important feature of the microphone is the capsule. Here, the sound is transformed into an electronic signal and is ready to go to the speakers in that shape. For a dynamic microphone, the core and the coil are separated from the capsule. In other microphones, the core and the coil are together with the capsule and have different kinds of sound and are used in varying performance situations (MicReviews , 2019). The body is the largest part of the microphone, where it almost doesn’t influence the quality of the microphone’s work. Finally, there is the output where one plugs a cable into the mic.


A microphone is a critical technical object that helps amplify sound, where it converts sound into an electronic signal. It has various parts that play a critical role in ensuring the sound is well amplified to the audience.  A microphone is vital in that it enhances the audibility of the sound, and helps in enabling better communication, mostly when there are large crowds involved. All the parts of the microphone can be purchased separately. Nevertheless, constructing a high-quality microphone is a challenging task, hence the need to purchase the full package to ensure that quality is maintained.

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