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Strategic Management and Leader Innovation | Nursing Homework Help

DNP Practice Scholar and Strategic Management Decisions

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) plays a role in assisting experts in the nursing practice. It entails the highest level of the practice-focused nursing degree that supplements the master’s program through the provision of systematic leadership, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement. It could be more involved in the strategic management decisions as a result of the expertise held by the DNP scholarship. The high qualification academical levels required by the positions place the scholars in the pace of strategic management decisions due to the various levels in which the scholar can contribute knowledge and information.

Teambuilding Strategies Supporting Nursing Practice and Project Plans

Team-building strategies entail the various procedures utilized for the facilitation of social relations and redefinition of roles within the nursing teams. It is done through the involvement of collaborative tasks. Team building strategies are essential in supporting nursing practice and plans as well as the nurses through the facilitation of collaboration in the nursing practice. The nurses can work together in the achievement of the determined goals and objectives of the nursing practice (Moore, Everly & Bauer, 2016). The nurse leaders can utilize the team-building strategies to ensure that the nurses engage in roles that would be combined to facilitate best practice in nursing through addressing the interpersonal problem in the course of the nursing practice.

Quality and Safety Initiative in Improved Outcomes

Quality and safety initiatives can support improved safety outcomes in nursing practice. Through these initiatives, the results in the nursing practice can qualify to be improved as the focus will be on ensuring that the adopted practices are based on safety measures. Observation of quality is also achieved by ensuring that the utilized equipment and processes uphold quality standards. The result of the initiatives ensures that the measures and initiatives are safe for both patients and nurses. It improves safety outcomes by ensuring the adoption of best initiatives and measures.

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