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Solving the Air Pollution Menace | Homework Help Servcies

In this response, I am targeting my local legislator because of his influence in Congress. While the public can petition and compel policymakers to embrace their ideas, my local legislator is in a better position to lodge a bill that can be discussed by the entire nation. Air pollution exposes us to a wide range of health problems that affect our productivity and hinders a society from realizing its potential. Importantly, the economy should be protected like people’s welfare because of its role in enabling individuals to meet their basic needs.

Question Two

Given his influence in society, I expect my local legislator to introduce bills that limit corporations from disposing pollutants into the atmosphere. Developing a list of consequences that will accrue when individuals fail to comply with the regulations has a significant impact on the control of air pollution in the country. In the same vein, the legislator should follow up on the existing rules that require corporations to embrace green energy. From this perspective, the legislator can propose amends that can be used to strengthen the functions of the laws and regulations to combat air pollution and its associated consequences fully.

Question Three

Using the emotional appeal will compel my local legislator to consider the ideas and the proposed solutions that can be used to fight air pollution. In many instances, emotions may be misinterpreted and viewed as contempt, especially in the cases where the parties have different social status. To avoid such scenarios, I will present my ideas by solely focusing on the impact of air pollution on the lifestyles of individuals in the locality and beyond. Many corporates in the world today have found a way to maneuver the system, where they pretend to be complying with the laws. I will be keen to highlight the impact of these back-door deals on the overall productivity of the nation in my address to the legislator.

Question Four

While penning my letter to the legislator, I will not recognize his role in various activities he might be involved in that benefit the public. Establishing a rapport before presenting my arguments will convince him to be on the same page with me. Afterward, I will point out the inability of the existing environmental laws to control air pollution, where I will sight visible outcomes of the menace. Supporting my arguments with facts will not only validate my perspective but will also encourage the legislator to adopt my proposal before lodging the appeal to Congress.

Question Five

Since letters to a political representative may end up in the bin, I will use a newspaper even to reach more people and pile pressure on the legislator to respond. It is hard for the legislator to ignore an OP-ED because of its positioning and impact on his reputation. From this realization, publishing my letter on a newspaper is the most viable idea that will encourage the legislator to seek my audience on the best approach that he could use to appeal to Congress to solve the air pollution menace.

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