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Sales Pitch Speech

Sales Pitch Speech: A Grocery App

The emergence of new technology has revolutionized the buying and selling of goods and services. Shopping in physical outlets has been hardened by the current COV19 pandemic. A solution to this challenge is the Grocery App (GroApp), which can be used by any smartphone. By using the Grocery app, a consumer can order for any grocery, which will be delivered to his/her doorstep. Due to the pandemic, an easy-to-use app is essential where one will not have to move to a store to purchase a product but instead request a special delivery.

 The products being sold in the app, are budget-friendly and meet the varying tastes and preferences of each and every client, based on the differing preferences. The app also takes advantage of the fact that most people, more so the young people, have smartphones, use social media, and are likely to make purchases through the use of modern technology apps. The application has been designed to suit each client’s needs, where its design is easy to use and operate.

Once a customer orders any product, he/she will be allocated an assistant who will guide him/her about how to go about the shopping through the use of a text or call. The delivery for the groceries will be undertaken within 12 hours, where only fresh products are offered. In case of any complaint, there will be a team eagerly waiting to help, and find a solution to any encountered challenge. The customers will also be able to make contact through social media platforms, which will have administrators ready to engage and offer guidance and answer questions.

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