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Reasons why ghosting an employer is unethical and inappropriate

I had just completed my course in a local institution and was in search of a job opportunity. I sent my credentials to the Gracious Company for an advertised post. Afterward, I learned that the firm does not offer a conducive working environment and benefits. This happened after I attended an interview with them. Later, she called and dropped me a message stating that they were willing to recruit me as part of their workforce. I decided to engage the nine steps of decision-making to select the most appropriate move.

First, I gathered the necessary facts to enable me to adopt the right action. I did not want to accept or decline the opportunity without establishing facts that would guide me effectively. Next, I defined the ethical issues that surrounded my case. For instance, if I decided to ghost the employer, I would deny myself the chance of working for my future employer and denying another person a similar opportunity. Next, the identification of the affected parties is the next step. My decisions would greatly affect the organization and other potential job seekers. If I failed to provide prompt feedback, the firm could spend extra time searching for another potential candidate. Also, delays in availing feedback could deny another candidate a chance to be selected to work for the establishment. Next, the identification of the consequences permitted me to assess the short and long-term consequences of the decision that I made. Also, the evaluation of guiding principles, rights, and justice considerations guided me effectively. The other vital step was the consideration of my character and integrity. I incorporated essential personal elements that dictate who I am to make a better decision.

I linked the assessment of potential actions to creative thinking. I needed to make a decision that better suited my interests and preferences. Next, I checked my gut. I decided to follow what my intuitions dictated. Lastly, I decided on the best course of action to undertake by applying the consequences, obligations, and character approaches. I decided to be honest and forthright with the employer and stated my unwillingness to accept the opportunity. However, I ensured that I did so in a respectful manner so that I did not affect future relationships with the company.

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