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The paper discusses the development of a paradigm of public administration statesmanship for the future governance and polity settings. The paradigm of public administration statesmanship is one that is characterized by moral ethics and values at the core of functioning of the government. The approach is designed to ensure effective and efficient utilization of public funds free from massive government corruption, ‘tenderpreneurs’, and mismanagement. This is critical for the realization of massive state development and improvement of the people’s livelihood where the state effectively solves the people’s problems in a nation-state. Such include, health issues, education, poverty, increase racial discrimination, corruption, wastage of public funds, among other vices. The paradigm change towards public administration statesmanship shows profound nationalistic and patriotism in the conduct of the polity elites, policy makers, and decisions makers. Therefore, progress and grow of the overall state is guaranteed with all members of the society destined to have improved living standards.

Paradigm of Public Administration Statesmanship

The paradigm change to public administration statesmanship sets a course where public management is based on morals, values, and ethical principles in their conduct. According to Overeem and Bakker (2019), “Statesmanship comprise of a morally excellent leadership at the polity level.” The paradigm shift proposes the need for strong values and commitment of all leaders to the nation and one’s state. The driving factors should precisely be based on the need and commitment to see progress in the one’s respective country. The highest form of leadership traits and moral behavior must be exhibited as the driving towards the polity setting, governance, allocation of public funds and utilization, as well as, public administration (Ikeanyibe, Ori & Okoye, 2017).

The capacity to maintain the paradigm of public administration statesmanship should be based on continuous moral action that drives leaders to be committed on the realization of what is, in the long term, the best for the society. That is, the commitment to continuously dedicate oneself towards pursuing policies that constitute what is good for the society in an unrelenting course (Smith, 2014). Statesmanship ideal in guiding and providing leadership to the society should outline measures that are bound to reverberate generations and generations to come. The significance of such approaches is to outline the fundamental values in the core of the society’s social fabric.

Newell (2012) illustrates the value of fostering statesmanship in public life as the driver of public administration. This new paradigm is committed and guided by the progress of the society only. Over and over presents the commitment to values of building a great society where public administrators are focused on practicing accountability, transparency, good governance, national ethos, patriotism, among other principles that show dedications towards own nation. The paradigm of public administration statesmanship is characterized by unwavering need for the protection of the republic and ensure all adopted policies induce the greatest good for the generations to come (Newswander, 2012). The conduct of leaderships is solely based on ethics and morals as the foundation of decision making process. The individual leader has the responsible to reflect moral values in his/her actions when executing state duties. The epitome of the public administration statesmanship is the assurance of all democratic values that see the practice of leadership where the society is given space to participate in its own system and dedication to incorporate and managing the views of both the minority and the majority in the society (Pyun & Gamassou, 2018). Thus, provide a framework whereby, the minority are not marginalized and discriminated against in their own society.

Challenges Facing Public Administration Organization Today

The contemporary public administration organization is marred with profound difficulties that impede success development and integration into practice. The key challenges include extensive spreading erosion of morality in public administration leading to spiraling corruption practices (Gerton & Mitchell, 2019). The practices are a major impendent for change and development of public administration policies, values, and practices that seeks to overturn the entire system. The need for transparency, accountability, and responsibility of public administrators is a major threat to the status quos that is characterized by corruption and self-interests instead of national ethos and values in championing for national interests.

The capacity to foster social equity is a major impediment to the public administration organization. This is undermined by the lack of capacity to successfully balance the needs of the minority and the majority in the society. The implementation of ethical/morally based practice, the change in paradigm of public administration faces mountainous opposition from power brokers that want to protect their needs and those of their societies (Kwaku Ohemeng, 2014). The divergent interests in one nation articulates a difficult tussle for involved parties to find a consensus. This serves as a stumbling block towards connecting individuals towards common values.

Furthermore, the political environment that has become more polarizing over the years is a major impediment towards the development of public administration organization. This is based on the need to consolidate diverse views and political dissidents towards a common pool of ideals and values. This is a major challenge based on the fact that – political dissident continues to grow the right in the political environment (Gerton & Mitchell, 2019). The political elites driven by personal/self-interests lack the moral fabric to commit to the needs of the society. This poses a significant threat to the future and functioning of the public administration in any society.

Biblical/Covenantal Model of Statesmanship, Leadership and Organizational Behavior

1 Corinthians 1-6 indicates Paul’s commitment to fostering unity in a society that he was ordained to lead by God (Huizing, 2011). As a leader, the commitment to the unity of the entire society was vital to the stability of the nation. This indicates the commitment to the values of social equity that is promoted by statesmanship leadership. The drive revolves on the need to eliminate dissatisfaction in intragroup competition that is likely to culminate in socio-economic divisions (Huizing, 2011). In such an approach, society’s cohesion is lacking positing a lack of statesmanship ideals that can lead to continuous practice of moral values in the management of the polity’s resources (Vondey, 2010). As a result, continued dissident and potential break of the society is inevitable (Fischer, 2017). Therefore, Paul sought to overturn the social fabric of the society by creating unity for all groups.


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