Question 1:

The nutrient content of grilled chicken sandwich, medium waffle fries, and medium sprite;

The total number of Calories;910

The mass of protein;33g

The masses of total fat and saturated fat;35g

The masses of carbohydrate, added sugars, and fiber; 179g

The masses of sodium, cholesterol, and dietary fiber; 49.99g

According to the dietary guidelines, the recommended intake of macronutrients per day is as follows; 1800-2400 calories, 238-344g of carbohydrates, 25g of total fiber, 46g of protein, 47-82g of fat, and 1500mg of sodium (Gov,2020). The intake of saturated fats and cholesterol is required to be as low as possible while consuming nutritionally adequate meals. The meal consists of 910 calories, 179g of carbohydrates, 33g of protein, 35g of fat, and 60g of sodium. The meal is therefore not adequately sufficient in terms of nutrient content.



Question 4; Drug of Abuse

  1. Five classes of drugs controlled by the Controlled Substances Act

The five classes of drugs are depressants, narcotics, stimulants, anabolic steroids, and hallucinogens.

  1. Schedule of drugs and examples.

Schedule 1; drugs with no contemporary accepted medical use and high probability of abuse. For example, lysergic acid diethylamide (Drug Scheduling, n.d.). Schedule II; Drugs with an increasedlikelihood for abuse and use leads to potent psychological or physical dependence. For example, cocaine. Schedule III; drugs with low to moderate probability for mental and physical reliance. The potential for abuse is more than schedule IV. For example, anabolic steroids. Schedule IV; drugs with low potential for abuse and low risk of reliance. Example, Xanax. Schedule V; drugs with lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV and contain limited quantities of narcotics. For instance, Lomotil.

  1. One characteristic of a drug of abuse is that it is often obtained “outside of normal distribution channels.” Explain.

LSD raw materials are easily accessible as the drug is synthesized chemically from fungal compounds. LSD is a clear, odorless water-soluble material synthesized from lysergic acid. The lysergic acid compound is derived from ergot fungus.

  1. Choose one drug of abuse that also has a legitimate medicinal use in this country. In one typed page, summarize: (1) what the drug is used for legitimately, (2) why and how the drug is abused, and (3) any other information about the drug that was of interest to you.

Marijuana contains cannabinoids that relieve chronic pain, treat depression and anxiety, offer temporary relief for glaucoma patients, and assist in weight loss. Marijuana is abused due to its availability and lack of synthetic production process. Marijuana abuse is done by increasing the dosage of tetrahydrocannabinol compound in cannabis (THC). THC increases the risk of intoxication and dependence. Marijuana also has virtually no risk of overdosing.



Works Cited

Drug Scheduling. (n.d.).

Gov, D. (2020). Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020 -2025 Make Every Bite Count with the Dietary Guidelines.

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