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The Activist Group

The group which is advocating for people to boycott making online sales is Michael’s House. From the Website https://www.michaelshouse.com/, the company addresses the issue of online shopping in depth where it gives a reason as to why individuals should opt for physical purchases rather than the contemporary buying methods in place. Through the blog, Michael’s House states that as a result of Online shopping, people get to misuse their money without realizing that they are overspending on items. The issue is well, highlighted and explained, where it is easier to understand for any reader. The author of the blog also critically expounds on the issue of addiction, n the statistics of the online shopping addiction and how it is threatening the American population, more so the Youths who are addicted to their technological devices more so Phones (Michael’s House).

Discussion of such an issue on the blog of a company that has been there for a long period means that a wide range of people gets to read this informative piece and may make their mind, opting for physical stores and malls, rather than making an online purchase. The fact that the information is found on an online platform, makes anyone with accessibility to the internet read the content of the information and ultimately may get influenced by the sentiments of these activists.

The Efficiency of The Activist Group

This activist group is undoubtedly effective in that it tends to have detailed information on its online platform, were there many visitors who could get a glimpse of the information and agree with it. There is also competence in that, it is relatively easier to identify the website, through just the use of search engines, where it is palpable the blog is categorically against making online purchases as a way of saving lives and money.

Through this website, Michael House goes ahead to offer help to persons who feel that they are addicted to online shopping. It elucidates that online shopping is a problem that ought to be addressed and aloes explain what the treatment process of the online addiction entails. From the site, the process of treatment entails identifying the triggers of online shopping, identifying issues that may make one want to spend online, having limits of spending and clearing of credit card numbers (Michael’s House). There is also an explication of the steps of addiction, and how people find themselves trapped in such an activity without even realizing it.

However, there are some inefficiencies identified from how this group presents its points to the public. Michael House only expends on the negatives of online shopping and fails to admit that modern technology has its positive sides which should be utilized excellently. This makes it seem like the process of modern technology is all bad for people, which is not the case. The activist group also fails to acknowledge that up to some extent, there may be an advantage of online shopping, except that it may be misused by people m hence making it advantage or excessive money consuming for individuals.

Another inefficiency of Michael House is that it does not only deal with the issue but rather a number of issues such as drug addiction, various types of therapy and adventure experiences among many others, meaning that it does not concentrate on entirely one topic, hence may be hard giving their full participation in the exercise of preaching and activism against shopping online., However, despite the shortcomings the firm is really doing an incredible work in preaching against this type of shopping and making the public conversant with reasons behind the campaigns.


It is evident that Michael’s House is an example of an activist group that campaigns against only shopping due to its negative consequences. The group through its website states the reasons for advocating against these activities, where it has well laid out points and clarification of critical information reading the captivity. Michael’s House is effective, where it has well laid out steps of addressing this issue and even powers a communication phone number in which a person going through addiction on online shopping cod contact as a way of getting help. The online presence of Michael’s House is also another signal of the efficiency of the activist group and proof that there is a high likelihood that its strategy population is reached and that no shopping campaigns are fruitful. It is highly likely that may more activists will join in the campaigns soon as a way of helping persons with such addictions.

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