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There were numerous changes in the way artists express themselves when developing new art pieces in the modern era. Modern art has been influenced by many changing factors, such as the emergence of modern technology and globalization, which has enabled the sharing of culture (Greenberg, 1982). These factors made numerous artists portray art in entirely different forms from traditional artists. The modern art is all about ideas and concerns, which all are aesthetic, where the majority of artists tend to develop post-modern concepts on its art form.

A significant trend in modern is that it is abstract and nonobjective art. The artists in this trend make very little or no attempt to objectively reproducing or portraying the appearances of forms of objects to represent the nature of the existing aspects in the physical world. This is quite different from traditional art since such kinds of art were not in place. Other trends include the use of different materials other than the ordinary material, which mostly included oil and water-based paintings. Traditional artists were also fond of using pencils, clay, brush, pallet knife, and others, whereas modern artists have a range of material which they use for the art. The traditional art entailed customary paintings and drawing methods, which is different from modern art. In modern art, there was no specific or limited use of techniques. However, it is in this era where there was an emergence of digital computer-generated art and modern installations.

Figure 1 Ma Jolie (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2020)

Ma Jolie

As compared to traditional art, there was no specific, single, or particular style that was required of the artists. Nevertheless, Impressionism dominated modern art, where this era paved the way for the postmodernism art, which is now more involved with exceptional techniques and styles, which were never heard of or used in both modern and traditional art. As much as modern art and traditional art are different, it is apparent that some of the aspects of modern art were greatly influenced by the traditional artist style and structures (Greenberg, 1982). Other influences of the art include different cultures across the world, physical features such as the natural light, among other inspirations that made them different from the traditional artists.

One of the modern artists known for his unique form of art is Pablo Picasso. Famous for his cubism, movement. Picasso is known to have a distinct style and is known for artistic creation, where his form of art is entirely different from the traditional artists. Shapes inspired Picasso as he used them in the development of cubism art to represent people, animals, nature, among other illustrations (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2020). Picasso’s self-expression was significant in that it was unique and had an influence on contemporary artists concerning creativity and innovation.

Figure 2 Les Demoiselles d’Avignonย (Master Works, 2019)

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Apart from Cubism, Picasso also invented collage, which was not a part of the traditional art, an art style that inspired most of the postmodern artists. He also made significant contributions to surrealism and symbolism. Additionally, Picasso explored other artistic elements are such as ceramics and printmaking, which were also different from the conventionally made pieces (Master Works, 2019). One of Picasso’s best modernist art pieces includes Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907), which was an artwork where Picasso painted naked women’s aggressive sexual postures through the use of cubism style (Figure 2). Another art paced by Picasso was the Ma Jolie (Figure 1), which is built on the geometric forms of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (Master Works, 2019). The rapist modernism techniques are also portrayed, where he moves towards abstractionism through color reduction and an increase in illusion.




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