How Technology Has Impacted Society

Technology is an integral aspect of society that directly relates to human existence. Various elements,  including human communication, thought system, and the learning process, are directly influenced by technology. Modern societies are defined by the type of technology existing in society. Technology consequently directly impact on society by creating both positive and negative effects on societies.

The positive ways in which technology affects society include the improvement of transport. The transportation systems have been improved through the use of technology to develop road networks (Hassanpour & Ezati, 2016).  High technological advancements have also been used to create the air travel system and improved water travels.

Technology also affects society positively through the improvement of communication systems. Improved communication channels have been created to facilitate the better transfer of information over minimum time. Communication means created in societies include the development of telecommunication, emails, and even video calling.

Technology has also been significant in affecting society positively through facilitating increased medical care.  Through technological advancements in society, improved medical advancements include the creation of better health facilities and equipment. The technological advancements have also facilitated the development of medications that have facilitated the improvement of community health.

There are also adverse effects of technology. Among the negative effects include increased air pollution. Automobiles and factories driven by technological advancement emit carbon fumes and other waste that lead to air pollution (Zaldei et al. 2017). The increased air pollution is especially dangerous as it negatively affects human life and health.

Another adverse effect of technology includes that it leads to the compromise of the privacy of information. There are increased chances of the hacking of the information stored in digital form.  Hacking of the computer systems could lead to access to vital personal information by malicious parties.

Arguably, there are different ways in which technology affects society. The effects of technology on society are either positive or negative. The positive impact of technology in societies include improved transportation, communication, and medical advancements. The negative impacts include increased air pollution and the compromise of personal information.




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