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Food Waste: Time to Clean the Mess | College Assignment Writers

Who is your target group, and why?

The target area is the household level where most of the food wastage occurs. It specifically targets children aged 10-15 years. This population has a higher tendency of food wastage due to poor eating habit. In most cases, these children serve food, eat part of it and throw away the rest as waste. They are preferential about what they consume and this drives them away from consuming some specific types of food. Any item that they do not value is often thrown away leading to wastage of food.

What do you want this audience to do and, why?

The target group should learn to serve food that they can feed and finish in a meal to help reduce the level of food wastage. They should also learn not to compare their meal with their friend. Additional, this target population should learn to appreciate and consume food according to their health benefits but not its appearance. Besides the health benefits, they should also appreciate the fact that they have sufficient food supply. In the case of surplus foods at their disposal, they should learn to share with their friend who may be straining to access a meal. They should also learn ways of preserving food to prevent it from going bad.  Children aged between 10-15years should embrace other effective ways that will help reduce food wastage. They can adopt measure such as feeding the excess food components to animals or distributing to the less fortunate.

What combination of emotions will best move your audience towards this goal?

I will show them rage and make them aware of the situation they may encounter in future. This will be well communicated to them through the use of world statistic on the drop in food production in different parts of the world. The same situation might hit them hard in future. I will also shame them by letting them know that there are some less fortunate families lacking food to the extent of dying. This will touch their emotions and push them to adopt food conservation and preservation method. The enraging and shaming approach will make them fill guilty and help change their view on how they use available food.

How will you cultivate the emotions?

I will use available information across different online platforms to show them how some people across the globe are hard hit by food shortage. This will involve giving them statistical data and information of the people who have died out of hunger and also showing devastating pictures of hunger deprived citizens. These pictures will help them have a broader image of the situation they might push themselves in the coming future.

Rather than a traditional college essay, what specific genre/form do you think is best suited to this goal, and why?

The food wastage proposal can apply in an Instagram campaign seeking to educate people regarding the appropriate consumption of food to reduce wastes. The tactic is a key food security measure that can be put in place to help reduce food wastage across the globe. This will help guarantee the quality use of available food with minimal or no wastage. It will also assist to adopt quality preservation methods to ensure that people can access foods in the long-run. There should also adopt other methods of preventing food wastage such as donating to the less fortunate in society.

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