Cybercrime Tools


After a close analysis of the 21 cybercrime tools presented by Stevens (2020), I settled for CAINE and FireEyeRedLine as the most ideal tools. CAINE is an open source code that offers a complete forensic environment with a simple user-friendly GUI (CAINE, n.d.). According to Stevens (2020), it integrates various cybercrime tools, includingWindshark, autopsy, SCRCPY, Sleuth Kit, and PhotoRec among others. In this case, the tool offers a plethora of benefits wielded by other tools, including premier end-to-end forensic environment such as the one provided by Sleuth Kit and Autopsy. Besides, it allows network analysis and monitoring as guaranteed by Windshark.

On the other hand, FireEyeRedLineis an ultimate endpoint security tool that provides the host with a myriad of benefits especially on areas of tracking malicious activities. According to FireEye (n.d.), RedLine allows the user to audit and collect data regarding all running processes in a network, including services, web history, event logs, registry data, and network information. Additionally, it allows the user to perform an in-depth analysis for given timeframes using TimeCrunch and WimeWrinkie functionalities. Besides, it performs an analysis of Indicators of Compromise to notify the administrator of any malicious activities within their network.

While CAINE and RedLine have various similarities, they differ in various functionalities. For instance, RedLine offers an opportunity to perform timeframe analysis, which is not provided in CAINE. Additionally, RedLine offers the opportunity to collect and audit running process, such as registry data and file-system metadata, which is not the case for CAINE.

The two tools are ideal for stopping network attacks, denial of services, and any window attacks as they continuously monitor and flag any suspicious activities. However, in the event of windows attack, RedLine would be the superior tool as it would help identify the file and how it was introduced to the network or system (Tabona, 2019). Additionally, it would whitelist programs that would run without harming the network, which is not the case with CAINE.




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