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Comparison of Chinese and American business culture | Homework Paper Help

Who is your target audience, and why?

The content titled “Comparison of Chinese and American business culture” targets potential business individuals and agencies seeking to start operations in the two countries. The target population, in this case, is young people aged between 25-35years. The segment is enthusiastic about local and global investments. It can either be locals or international entrepreneurs. The information incorporated in the works contains significant details and insights beneficial for entrepreneurs. A person seeking to commence a business initiative in China or America benefits from the incorporated information. It assists them in making crucial decisions regarding whether to invest in each of the countries or not. Not only does it allow them to make decision-related to the start-up but also expectations associated with business survival. Overall, the details contained in the text enable potential entrepreneurs to have a deeper understanding of the business environment in the two nations. The exposure permits them to make quality investment decisions.

 What do you want this audience to do, and why?

The target audience should have appropriate exposure to the Chinese and American business cultures. I want them to have a broader view of what it means to start operations in China and America. I believe most of them fail to attain successful business outcomes due to the lack of understanding of the prevailing business culture. For example, communication is an important element in any corporate setting. While Americans value direct communication, Chinese people engage in indirect communication. Thus, anyone seeking to start a business in China may experience communication issues compared to a person investing in the US. Notably, an issue such as organizational hierarchy applies more in China compared to America where this affects interaction with the workers. Thus, exposure to elements such as hierarchy and communication supports vital decision-making.

What combination of emotions will best move your audience toward this goal?

The key focus is entertaining and inspiring. I will, first of all, inspire the target audience and later focus on entertainment. The information provided allows them to generate inspiration in following their dreams to become successful entrepreneurs. Despite the prevailing business environment, any person can commence an initiative. A person needs to understand the culture and devise ways of dealing with it. Entertainment comes forth through aspects such as comical statements. For example, a statement such as “the challenge is to stay cool is handling pressure in the current times so that a person can succeed in the future.” The statement may appear impossible and not practical for some, but it motivates and inspires.

How will you cultivate these emotions?

I intend to provide real examples of individuals and agencies that have successfully started business ventures in both China and America. Some of these notable icons have established their names across the globe. Their details are accessible online. I will inform the audience that anything is possible if they set their minds to accomplish something. I believe that exposure to these successful business icons that started their ventures using minimal resources to form massive investments will create a crucial appeal to my target audience. Also, I will directly engage them through question and answer sessions as a way of deepening their understanding to the two business cultures.

Rather than a traditional college essay, what specific genre/form do you think is best suited to this goal, and why?

The assessment of the Chinese and American business cultures can be well integrated into business plans. Any investor focuses on the local or international culture for supporting in developing a quality business plan. Thus, it would be an important genre for communicating details linked to a nation’s business culture and how it impacts businesses.


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