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Assault and Battery Essay | Online Paper writing Service

Assault is an act of inflicting harm on an individual intentionally. An act by an individual that causes anxiety to another person that he or she will be harmed is assault. Battery refers to deliberately causing harm to an individual without the individual’s consent. An assault or shower can be performed using weapons. Such cases are aggravated issues and are usually treated with seriousness in a court of law. The two cannot be done by accident, and the doer of the action is considered to have intentions to harm the victim or cause fear. For this reason, any act that causes fear to an individual is sufficient to be used in court and prosecute the suspect. Both assault and battery are separate crimes. However, it is said that battery completes a crime.In some states around the world, the two are usually merged together to be one general crime (Justia, 2018). Such cases always exist in most countries, and on most occasions, one event follows another.

An example of an aggravated assault and battery is that of a man that happened in Pembroke. According to Neyman (2020), a young man got into a fight with his colleague. He was almost the same age as him. During the pretrial of the case, it was alleged that the two worked in a police department. In the process of performing their duties in the office, there was a misunderstanding. The reason for their dispute was due to a piece of equipment in the office. In the process of their argument, the man picked a baseball bat next to him, then hit his colleague severally in the body. The striking into his body caused visible body injuries such that he had to be taken to hospital for medical attention. Since the incident was of police concern, they came to collect the evidence used against the Pembroke man in a court of law. Before being taken to the hospital, the police took photographs of the injuries from the victim’s body. After further investigation into the matter, the weapon used to cause bodily harm was found with the suspect, and the police carried it along.

In a criminal investigation, one must collect and validate the information in an appropriate manner to help in the suspect’s prosecution. The photos taken by the police on the victim’s body and the weapon seized from the suspect would act as evidence to be presented in court to prosecute the suspect. The victim was arrested and was found guilty. He was charged with aggravated assault and battery as he had used a weapon and caused bodily harm to the victim. In this case of the Pembroke man, it is evident that he committed a crime in the form of an assault since he intentionally harms his colleague using a basketball bat. He hit the individual even if he knew how dangerous it would be to hit him with such a weapon.

Given that battery is completing an assault, there is no doubt that the suspect committed a battery crime since he committed the actual crime of harming the victim (Justia, 2018).  The evidence collected by the investigative department was sufficient to prove the suspect was guilty. Indeed justice was administered to the victim in the right way.

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