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Approaching Sexual Health | Assignment Help Online

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Talking to a teen and offering education on STIs enables them make smart decisions as well as protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections. Teens are at a high risk of sexually transmitted disease due to the fact that they are at the verge of being sexually active and feelings of invincibility which makes them prone to engaging in sex (Genz et al., 2017). Therefore, it is important to educate them and offer advice about STIs, the risks and causes as well as ways to protect themselves from STIs.

The 14-year-old girl needs information and advice that is relevant, practical and correct concerning sexually transmitted diseases. She needs to know what are STIs, how they are spread and the ways to prevent herself from being infected. This is because understanding what STIs are, how they are spread and how they can protect themselves reminds them that they are at a greater risk since the infections are common at their age groups. Additionally, it reduces their risks of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexually transmitted infections are acquired through sexual contact or close contact with body fluids or genitals (Genz et al., 2017). They are easy and common to spread. Therefore, by knowing such facts, the teenager will take steps to protect themselves. For instance, ensuring that they understand that anyone with sexual contact with another person is at a risk of acquiring STIs and how they are spread through oral, vaginal and anal sex will play a big role in helping them reduce the risk of obtaining STIs. A teenager at the verge of being sexually active needs to understand the high risks of STIs. For instance, an individual is at a greater risk of having STIs if they are engaging in unprotected sex, more than a single sexual companion, having unprotected sex, having a partner with more than a single sexual companion or engaging in sex with a person with STIs.

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Communicating to the teenager on ways to prevent sexually transmitted disease puts them within the context of making responsible decisions (Genz et al., 2017). Whether they have engaged in a sexual activity or not they need to understand the risks and how they can take proper precautions in order to protect themselves. Telling her about best ways to avoid STIs such as avoiding sex or abstaining and the things they need to consider before agreeing to have sexual contact may help her against STIs.

The best way to approach the subject with her is bring up the conversation about STI testing since it is recommended for sexually active teenagers. Relatively, the opportunity to discuss about STIs may rise if one has paid attention to the child’s life. For instance, as soon as the teenager asks any questions about sex it’s the right time to expand the topic to STIs. It is important to ensure that the teen knows from the start that you are interested in offering important facts about sexually transmitted diseases without sounding scary about STIs.

Ensuring that the lines of communication are open from early conversations about relationships and feelings is a great way to strive for honesty, openness and accountability regarding sexually transmitted related concerns. Using causal tone and simple language to reinforce the discussion on sexually transmitted diseases in a manner that does not limit or embarrass in order to practice a conversation that is more comfortable and easy without passing judgements.

Sexually transmitted have serious consequences to both teenage boys and girls. Therefore, while offering advice on sexually transmitted diseases there would be no difference in the information offered to both parties. This is because they are all teenagers in the same age group and prone to the same risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is important to offer advice and essential facts linked to STIs to remind them as long as they conduct themselves in the right way they are safe.

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