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Does Advertising Affect Consumer Perception? Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography

Part I: Research Proposal


The research focuses on assessing the significance of advertising on influencing consumer perception. The role of advertisement through different mediums, both traditional and modern is fundamental to positively influence consumer behavior and perception. The capacity to influence consumer perception is essential to increase sales, reputation, profitability, and competitiveness. Hence, evaluation of how advertisements affect consumer perception is significant for business entities to increase sales.

I am studying the significance of advertising as an essential component fundamental to influence consumer perception because I want to find out what are the factors that make advertisements effective, why consumer behavior and perception is influenced by certain adverts while other do not, and how businesses can increase competitiveness through brand, reputation, and competitiveness creation. I will use comics such as the Superman comics to illustrate how they can be used to influence behavior among the consumers.

Describing Particulars

The research in intended for experts, business personalities, and general public to illustrate the influence of consumer behavior and perceptions. In turn, determine decision making approaches utilized in purchases. The target audience will be addressed through the use of extensive research to inform the study and provide critical insights on the subject. The academic audience comprises of scholars and business experts who will be provide with empirical data to illustrate diverse studies and results of consumer behavior and perception after advertisements.

The study will utilize extensive analysis of major research and academic materials that have been produced over the years to present. The use of empirical data from the research is essential to provide evidence to arguments on the impact of advertisements on consumer perception and behavior.


The study is significant as it provides critical insights that business experts can utilize to increase sales volumes leading to competitiveness and profitability. The analysis of the effectiveness of advertisements and how best to produce them is fundamental to positively influence consumer behavior. Consequently, the research culminated in the development of company brand identity, reputation, brand image leading to better performance.


Part II: Annotated Bibliography

Haider, Tashrifa, and Shadman Shakib. “A study on the influences of advertisement on consumer buying behavior.” Business Studies Journal (2018).

Haider and Shakib (1) state that “advertising is a way of communication used to encourage an audience for making a purchase decision about a product or service.” Advertisement comprises the act of passing on information to potential consumers. The article notes the value of increased transformation of the marketers through creating new and innovative advertisement contents to adapt to changes characterizing business demands. The article stipulates the utilization of more competitiveness advertisements approaches such as social media and mobile advertisements as integral to maintain a competitive edge as compared to traditional practices such as television advertisements. This comprises of the aspect of using the platform to relay the advertisement message to the most viewers. Hence, influence consumer buying behavior.

The article comprises of extensive review and analysis of major research works on the topic (Haider and Shakib 1). The review of vast resources presents a wide breadth of knowledge and explanations of the study leading to a better understanding of the concepts. This is significant to the study as it outlines core concepts and illustrates their application and utilization to influence consumer buying behavior. The article provides credible information that relies on extensive scholarly research materials. This induces an extensive explanation of core topics and subtopics related to the study in the contemporary world. Thus, it provides key insights to contribute to the development of the body of knowledge on the subject.


Hudák, Martin, Radovan Madleňák, and Veronika Brezániová. “The Impact of Advertisement On Consumer’S Perception.” CBU International Conference Proceedings. Vol. 5. 2017.

Hudák et al. (1) assert that “marketing is utilized as a tool to influence the consumer’s perception to the desired direction.” The article outlines that consumer behavior and perceptions are constantly changing. Hence, they attract continuous monitoring to measure the influencing factors towards the change of behavior and perception. The authors conduct a study through an experiment in which the subjects – consumer’s perception is assessed while watching a video advertisement. The subjects watch advertisement videos from four different mobile operators. This provides empirical data to inform the study of how different advertisements induce distinct consumer’s perceptions. Thus, advertising campaigns constitute an integral feature of influencing consumer behavior and perceptions. \

The article is significant to the research of the paper as it comprises of empirical data that answers the question of the study. The articles portray experimental data in which different video advertisements from the four mobile operators illustrate the brain activity (Hudák et al. 1). This is critical to show actual data on how the use of advertisements influences brain activity depicting the perception of consumers. The articles ascertain the potential of advertisements in influencing consumer’s behavior and perception of products and services of different companies. Thus, sway the consumption trends.


Mold, Alex, and Hannah Elizabeth. “Superman vs. Nick O’Teen: anti-smoking campaigns and children in 1980s Britain.” Palgrave Communications 5.1 (2019): 1-12. [Available at: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nature.com%2Farticles%2Fs41599-019-0326-6&psig=AOvVaw2gLdV4k-DeLw6xPamgiVfE&ust=1582441017150000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCJCL6q7K5OcCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD ].

Mold and Elizabeth (1) analyze an advertisement used in December 1980 in a campaign intended to discourage children from taking up smoking. The advertisement was developed by the Health Education Council and distributed in comics and magazines and on TV. The advertisement comprises of a comic presenting the “battle between Superman and the evil Nick O’Teen” (1). Superman makes an attempt to recruit children to join his army and become fighters to defeat Nick O’Teen. The children joining the fight with Superman were supposed to “sign a pledge not to smoke and, in turn, received a poster and badges featuring the superhero” (1). The children were expected to serve as agents in the society influencing adults not to smoke. The advertisement serves as a vital public health policy and practice, health education, and critical to influence the relationship among the public.

The use of the comic of a superhero is essential in influencing the perceptions of the children based on the need to associate with Superman. The comic used in the advertisement campaign to sway children not to smoke is essential. It speaks volume on the emphasis of the government to discourage the public from smoking. The commitment to sign a pledge not to smoke is vital to the children in the society. The use of comic is significant to the research as it illustrates how perceptions and behavior are directly influenced in the society.


Sama, Ramzan. “Impact of Media Advertisements on Consumer Behaviour.” Journal of Creative Communications 14.1 (2019): 54-68.

Sama (54) asserts that the changing dynamics of media digitization has prompted further study in the influences it creates on consumers’ media habits. The media platforms both traditional and modern practices induce effects that create more consumer awareness on the products or services, influence the interest, enhance conviction to purchase and increase demand on particular products, sway purchase and post-purchase consumers’ behavior. The media platforms include television advertisements, magazines, social media, newspaper, radio, and internet-based channels. The advertisement through various platform affectsct all the stages of consumer behavior shaping decision-making and consumer trends.

The article informed by reactions and answers of an online survey constituting of 529 respondents present empirical data applied to inform the research and arguments (Sama 54). The authors demonstrate critical insights essential for the study on how advertising affect consumer perception. The article is of profound importance to the study as it illustrates how various media platforms – advertise products leading to the influence on key stages of consumer behavior. This culminates in thorough and authentic information to support the academic basing of the research in this paper. The context of investing in the appropriate media with the most influence on consumer behavior is integral to ensure the highest results are yield. Thus, explain consumer behavior and perceptions as they are shaped by advertisements.


Schivinski, Bruno, and Dariusz Dabrowski. “The effect of social media communication on consumer perceptions of brands.” Journal of Marketing Communications 22.2 (2016): 189-214.

Schivinski and Dabrowski (189) investigates the “impact of firm-created and user-generated social media communication of 504 Facebook users across Poland to determine how they affect brand equity, purchase intention, and brand attitude.” The study was necessary to create a more understanding of the effects of social media communication towards consumer perception of brands. The study drawn from diverse industries including clothing, non-alcoholic beverages, and mobile network operators illustrated positive impact associated with user-generated communication on the social media platforms. This positively influenced brand attitude and brand equity leading to high demand of the products and services. The firm-generated communication influenced the brand attitude.

The article comprises of study based on empirical research that show the variation of the two approaches. This is vital to complement the research in this paper by creating an understanding of user-generated and firm-generated communication of the products and services. The user-generated communication consists of reviews and comments from consumers elaborating the experiences with particular products and services. This is vital to impact on other consumers influencing their behavior towards more demand of similar products or services. The article is crucial to the research as it portrays application of social media advertisements driven by both the consumers and the firms.


Velarde, Orana. “Retro Comic Book Art: Using Ben Day Dots in Web Design.” Elegant Themes, (Jul. 12, 2019): [Available at: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/design/retro-comic-book-art-using-ben-day-dots-in-web-design ].

Velarde notes that the comic is used to create inspiration in the day-to-day work. The creation of the retro comic book art was created in 1879 by Benjamin Henry Day Jr. the comic art has become a major part of the inspirational aspect used in web design and advertisement. The comic art is essential to the research to illustrate how advertisements utilizes the features in creative positive impression. The below comic is used to show admiration, love, desire, appreciation, among other potential aspects creating the need to acquire the product or service. It represents satisfaction context. Thus, serve as vital aspect of comic arts utilization in advertisement and generate positive perception among consumers.

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