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1930s Repatriations | History Homework Help Website

The letter is a primary source because of its originality, which represents the best approaches that should be undertaken to influence various outcomes in the contemporary society. The sender is A. I. Robinson, who was the Bureau of County Welfare director. Sr. Jose Avila is the recipient of this notice, which is providing him with a wide range of insights that he can follow to overcome the imminent challenge.

Question Two

Carey McWilliams wrote the article on Repatriados in 1933 to create awareness regarding the repatriations that were being undertaken by the U.S. government, targeting individuals in the South Western part of the country. Mexicans had succeeded to interact with Americans in the regions, a move that was misinterpreted by the U.S. government of the day, compelling its decision to approve the repatriation orders. This is a secondary source because it discusses the outcomes of events that took place in the early 1930s and their impact on the affected population groups. The article highlights the facts but condemns the government for its role in interfering with the lifestyles of individuals in their immediate environment.

Question Three

In the 1920s, the U.S. government restricted immigration by imposing a strict quota system that aimed at regulating the number of individuals entering the country. Surprisingly, Mexico was excluded from the stringent measures. However, the U.S. government began repatriating Mexicans and Mexican Americans in 1930s.

Question Four

In the 1930s, Mexicans were being repatriated because of their role in increasing the competition for local employment opportunities, cost of public service, and the emergence of competition for scarce resources.

Question Five

With the Trump regulations on immigration, the 1930s repatriations came into play because of their ability to target the Muslim population group by limiting their access to immigration opportunities.

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