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Need dq answer , 300 words, no palgiarism, use 3 references for each

Course: Business Intelligence

Chapter:  Enterprise Applications: Business Communications

Need Answers for below DQ(Discussion Questions)


300 words, APA 6 edition, No palgiarism, use 3 references for each DQ and in-text citation and turn it in for the content each DQ should be in separate word file


  1. Discussion Question 1 –
    Discuss the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Please provide an example of ERP systems, specifically Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


2. Discussion Question 2 –

 Evaluate the ways Enterprise systems can aid in developing strategy for capturing and sustaining competitive advantage. Please provide some examples and be sure to justify your response.


Course: organization Behaviour

Subject:  Managing Employee Performance

3. Discussion Question 3 

  1. Read the case “The Dallas Mavericks” on page 237 of your textbook. Would it be worth a significant investment in performance evaluation? Why or why not? What benefits could be achieved?

Please refer to Organization Behaviour ” The Dallas Mavericks”, page 237.

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