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Mla style | Article writing homework help


Assignment Overview:

Successful source documentation requires precision–if students do not follow the required steps of specific documentation styles (in this case, MLA style), their work will exhibit not only a poor ethos, but it could also exhibit unintentional plagiarism. All students have to do to ensure this precision is become familiar with the content and formatting requirements and conventions of MLA. This doesn’t mean memorizing a bunch of steps but rather becoming comfortable looking up each of the details of what a source reference needs, from the in-text citations to the Works Cited page content. That is why this exercise is designed to encourage students to develop familiarity with the MLA resources in the textbook and on the OWL website. More documentation work will follow as the semester progresses. This is just an introduction.

Assignment Instructions:

The instructions for this worksheet activity are on the attached file. Complete the worksheet by following the instructions, and upload the completed file to this link.

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