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Journal entries 6 | Article writing homework help


For your last journal, I would like you to bring together your response to readings and discussions of the past few weeks including:  Iconoclasm and Falling Monuments, Street Art and Visual Protest and the call to Decolonize the Museum.  If you would like to think of this piece of writing as a warm-up to your final project, go ahead.  Do not repeat images or arguments from your last journal.

I would like you to consider the power of images and visual spectacle in public space including urban commons, public museums and educational institutes.  How do the spaces or institutional frameworks affect the viewing of these forms of visual culture?  How can shifting attitudes toward visual culture in these spaces work toward greater equity and social justice?  What is the future that you want to see and who is working toward it?

Describing at least three examples from class and/or the readings, and using some of Nicholas  Mirzoeff’s definitions of visual activism (you may want to discuss large-scale international movements such as Occupy, BLM or Extinction Rebellion).

You should be citing and working with at least four of the readings from  weeks 10-12.


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