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Intercultural competence | Management homework help




In this course, the instructor check-in assignment is for reflection and to discuss your preparedness for upcoming weeks. This is a private conversation between you and your instructor. You should explore all concepts in depth and validate your instructor’s expectations.


In this instructor-focused video check-in, you will perform two tasks: (1) share your reflections on your intercultural competencies, and (2) share your understanding of the project scenario and what is expected of you in the course and the upcoming modules.

Consider the following criteria:Managing intercultural competencies is the key to success in multinational and multicultural organizations. As an HR consultant, you must understand the importance of these competencies and reflect on your strengths and areas of potential improvement. Check in with your instructor about your understanding of intercultural competence. Consider the following points:

Briefly explain the importance of intercultural competence to your current or envisioned career.
Describe an area of strength related to your intercultural competence.
Describe an area of improvement related to your intercultural competence.

Review the project guidelines and rubric and share any initial concerns you may have about the project scenario and the course project submission due in Module Nine. Consult the course infographic to review the course structure and check when each of the two milestones, which pave the path to the project, is due.
Share your understanding of the scenario and expectations for Milestone One.
Share any questions or concerns you may have about the Milestone One requirements.

Discuss your progress and concerns with your instructor through this submission. You are encouraged to continue reaching out to your instructor so that any concerns and questions are addressed before Milestone One is due.

What to Submit

Submit this assignment in an alternate format, such as a 2- to 3-page Word document or a 2- to 3-slide PowerPoint presentation.

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