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Information Systems Data Flow Diagram | Information Systems homework help

This assignment provides you the opportunity to make a Data Flow Diagram based on a narrative.
The Superstore company is in the process of developing a new Superstore Inventory management system
(SIMS). At end of each day, manager, (Mark) generates inventory report that tells him:
• How much inventory should have been used.
• Items associated with each sale.
Manul inventory system is:
1. Meet delivery trucks before opening the restaurant.
2. Unload and store deliveries.
3. When Mark receives invoices from suppliers, he records their receipt on an invoice log sheet and files.
the actual invoices in his accordion file.
4. Log invoices and file in accordion file.
5. Manually add amounts received to stock logs.
6. After closing, print inventory report.
7. Count physical inventory amounts.
8. Compare inventory report totals to physical count totals.
9. Compare physical count totals to minimum order quantities. If the amount is less, make order; if not,
do nothing.
10. Pay bills that are due and record them as paid.
Requirements of the Superstore Inventory management system (SIMS) is:
1.Account for anything added to inventory
2.Account for anything taken from inventory
3.Place orders
4.Pay bills
5. Inventories counts (used by the system) and
6. Stock-on-hand counts
7. orders
8. payments

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