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Impromptu Speech topics, ideas and Examples | Online Homework Help

Impromptu Speech topics, ideas and Examples | Online Homework Help

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you a list of impromptu speech topics that can be used at any time. You may need to prepare for an event but don’t have enough time or come up with something on the spot. As well as some ideas and examples of how to deliver your speech effectively.

Some people fear public speaking because they feel like there is too much pressure put on them when they are in front of so many people who are watching their every move and waiting for them to flop. However, if you practice beforehand it will help calm those nerves down and make you feel more confident about what is coming next!

Impromptu Speech Definition

What is an Impromptu speech? Impromptu speaking is a type of speech that is given without preparation, for example at an event. Impromptu speeches are often unprepared and feature a greater degree of spontaneity than other types of public speaking. Impromptu speeches can be done in response to any number of unexpected situations.

The speaker has no opportunity to prepare or rehearse the speech beforehand; he or she must think on their feet and speak extemporaneously, relying only on wit and creativity in order to make the audience laugh, cry, or cheer. Impanned speakers need to speak without notes and usually off-the-cuff. Impromptu speech topics can be found in many different areas such as current events, hobbies, personal experience, etc.

How to do an impromptu speech

Steps to follow in order to do a successful impromptu speech include:

  • Relax and be natural

In the case that you have to do a speech right away it is quite natural to be nervous.

It is not easy for most people to talk about something they are not familiar with and besides that, you won’t have time to prepare a speech beforehand. This situation can become very stressful but try to calm yourself down as much as possible.

Try saying some positive phrases in your mind such as: “I will do my best”, “I can talk on this subject”. If possible take deep breaths, eat or drink something (if there is time). Especially drinking water makes it easier for most people to think clearer and concentrate better on what they are doing. You may even go outside for some minutes before your speech, even if the building you are in has a bathroom.

  • Try to plan what you will say before starting your speech

This may sound unfeasible but it is not impossible because once you understand what the main idea of your speech is, it will be easier for you to speak with confidence and avoid dead silence during your talking time. If necessary, write down some notes that can help remind you of what points are more important than others. Don’t worry if nobody sees or hears your notes while you are speaking. You can always put them away out of view when they’re unuseful and take them out again if needed.

Before getting up on stage to start your impromptu speech read over through everything one last time and get rid of any notes that are not useful for you.

Also, try to prepare yourself mentally by repeating what you will say in your mind over and over again until it becomes automatic for you.

  • Facial expressions

When getting up on stage, don’t forget to smile at your audience before starting your Presentation!

  • Organize ideas and Thoughts

Before saying anything memorize what you want to say, so that you have time to organize your ideas and thoughts. Try not to say “um” or “uh,” because it often takes a while for us to start talking when we do impromptu speeches. If there are any parts of the speech that you don’t know well, stop for a second until you regain control of yourself.

  • Actual Speaking

Continue with the rest of your presentation and make sure to add a joke or two that will catch the attention of your audience if you lose them at some point during the speech.

  • Closing Remarks

When finished speaking mention how much time is left before you finish, then thank everyone who helped or contributed in any way (if needed).

Don’t forget about closing remarks – they can either be something funny or thanking people again. Also, be sure to smile and make eye contact with your audience after you say goodbye! After the speech thank your audience or host for their time.

Impromptu Speech Outline

  • Start with a joke (to lighten the atmosphere)
  • Introduce yourself and your topic briefly (e.g., “Hello! My name is Joe Bloggs, I’m here today because” etc.)
  • Address any concerns about whether this talk could be offensive or not
  • Emphasize what you’re going to say next
  • Finish off with something witty like “I hope you enjoyed my Impromptu Speech!”

Comparing impromptu manuscript and memorized speeches

Impromptu manuscript and memorized speeches are two different ways of reciting. Impromptu manuscript speech is the one that you have written down all the notes about what to say during an important meeting or speech. Memorized speech is one that you have practiced so many times until you have it memorized word by word. The advantages and disadvantages of these two types of speeches will be discussed in this section.

Advantages of Impromptu Manuscripts:

It improves speaking skills, because they need to make adjustments depending on the listeners’ reaction, especially in a conversation with friends; this means that saying something unexpected and making people laugh or applaud requires good observation skill from speakers; furthermore, since there are some conversations that are not planned, impromptu manuscripts help people react in a good way to the unexpected situations.

On the other hand, there will be no such thing as an unexpected situation if you have prepared every sentence that will said during your speech or meeting; therefore memorizing is more effective than impromptu manuscripts.

Disadvantages of impromptu manuscript

Practicing speaking is one of the most important things when learning and writing English; furthermore speaking skills in English are different from those in our native language (Chinese), because we need to know how to make eye contact with listeners, so that they feel like listening carefully and understand what we want to say.

In addition, we need to adjust our speech speed according to listeners’ interest and we need to have a good sense of humor, otherwise the meeting will feel like boring. If you have prepared your manuscript by yourself, there is no way to find out whether your speech matches listeners’ expectation or not. And if you don’t adjust it according to what they want, you will be considered a boring and strange person who only cares about your own success.

Advantages of Memorized Speeches

Similar as speaking in English, things become easier once you fully understand how to make eye contact with listeners, adjust your speech speed accordingly and tell stories that people can easily remember; therefore this type of speaking provides more time for speakers to prepare their sentences so that they can explain more clearly instead of using impromptu manuscripts.

Disadvantages of Memorized Speeches

Memorizing speeches requires more time and energy from the speakers, but when they are done, it seems like more dramatic. On the other hand, if you have to prepare your speech in front of others who also want to practice their English speaking skills, there is no way for them to motivate themselves since all of you will just recite what written on that paper.

For these reasons, we can conclude that practicing impromptu manuscript is easier than memorized speeches because you won’t need any preparation before making a speech or meeting with someone else (except knowing about your topic); furthermore both workers and students should have a chance to speak in English so as to improve their speaking skills.

And if you don’t think you are ready to give a speech in front of others, try to practice with your friends or colleagues. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to spontaneous speeches and meetings.

Finally we can summarize the comparison between these two by the following points:

In impromptu manuscript speaking, there is no way to know whether your manuscript fits listeners’ expectation or not; on the contrary, if people are interested in what you have said and they want to hear more from you, it will be much easier for them to do so when you can speak spontaneously since they won’t need any notes about what else you want to say.

Therefore, impromptu manuscripts should be used as a preparation phase instead of a final result when creating speaking skills.

In addition, if you have prepared a speech or meeting in advance, you will have more time to prepare than someone who uses impromptu manuscripts; since both of these two methods require high level of preparation and speaking skills from speakers, the difference between them is very small and can be ignored.

And lastly, I also think that it is better for people to memorize their speeches instead of using impromptu manuscripts because memorizing requires more attention from speaker’s side; therefore it seems like the most effective way which can help us speak fluently in English. When we want to listen carefully and understand what others say at meetings or parties, using manuscript tends to make things easier for all of us.

Impromptu Speech examples

  • “I don’t know what I’m going to say” is a good Impromptu Statement that can get people laughing before you start your Impromptu speech. The idea of being unprepared usually makes everyone feel more at ease than when someone has prepared their entire manuscript or memorized their whole talk beforehand
  • If it’s for example, you’re giving a toast at a wedding reception then just do something like: “Today we are gathered here with our family and friends to celebrate this amazing man/woman who deserves all the love he/she gets”. That should give us some time so long as there is a pause for applause.

Impromptu Speech topics

  1. How to get your boss to promote you – Humans are very competitive creatures, and if they want somebody below them in the hierarchy to be promoted then he or she will often do anything possible (even bad) just so that their competitor doesn’t succeed.
  2. What not go broke when you retire? – If people were told about how much money it takes just to live on $20k per year, they would probably work until death. The reason I call this topic “what not go broke when you retire,” is because of what someone said at my office meeting one day where he asked everybody else around him who was retired why they were still working.
  3. How to achieve your goals. – This Impromptu Speech is about how one can achieve their personal and professional life goals by taking some time for themselves.
  4. How to get the boss to promote you
  5. What not go broke when you retire
  6. How to achieve your goals
  7. How to boost morale
  8. How to be a better public speaker
  9. Different ways of presenting information
  10. Impromptu speeches about love, family or life goals.
  11. Ideas on how to reach your desired goal in life or work, with examples from those who have succeeded before us.

Impromptu Speech examples

Sample 1

“I don’t know what I’m going to say” is a good Impromptu Statement that can get people laughing before you start your Impromptu speech. The idea of being unprepared usually makes everyone feel more at ease than when someone has prepared their entire manuscript or memorized their whole talk beforehand.

Sample 2

If it’s for example, you’re giving a toast at a wedding reception then just do something like: “Today we are gathered here with our family and friends to celebrate this amazing man/woman who deserves all the love he/she gets”. That should give us some time so long as there is a pause for applause.

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