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IDPS systems | Information Systems homework help

Part 1: Using the internet, search for commercial IDPS systems. What classification systems and descriptions are used and how can these be used to compare the features and components of each IDPS? Create a comparison spreadsheet identifying the classification systems you find.


Part 2: What are some of the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of intrusion detection systems logs and other technology tools as evidence in criminal and legal matters?


Part 3: Write a 2 – 3 page APA style paper summarizing the background, description, and purpose of NIST Special Publication 800-94, Guide to Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. The last section of your paper should be titled “Author Reflection” and should reflect your critique of the publication examined. You are not expected to read the entire guide, you should be mainly concerned with section two of the report, titled “Intrusion Detection and Prevention Principles” and section three of the report, titled “IDPS Technologies.”

Discuss some of the problems associated with the application of computerized methods in the design process. Provide examples. What cautions must be observed?

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