How to write a good Introduction Paragraph for An Essay

How to write a good Introduction Paragraph for An Essay

What is the most important part of an essay? The introduction. Writing an introduction paragraph is not as simple as it may seem. It needs to be done in a way that draws the reader’s attention and also gives them some background information on what they are about to read. The following blog post will give you five tips for writing a great introduction paragraph, all of which I have learned from experience and mistakes.

The first sentence of your introduction paragraph should be a strong opening that grabs the reader’s attention and compels them to keep reading. It can be funny, shocking, intriguing or just plain interesting. Whatever it is, it needs to introduce your topic in a captivating way so that readers will want to read on!   An introduction paragraph should also include basic information about what you are going to talk about in the rest of your essay.

Purpose of the Intro Paragraph

The purpose of introduction paragraphs are twofold – setting context and previewing what is to come. Introduction paragraphs provide context by describing the course of study or field that will be discussed in the essay, its importance, etc. Introduction paragraph also previews what’s to come by introducing and articulating a thesis statement

Elements of a good Introduction Paragraph

1) Start with a hook that will grab people’s attention. The hook is the opening sentence of the introduction part of a research paper or essay. Make sure your intro has an engaging opening sentence that grabs the reader’s attention- this should be the topic sentence of your introductory paragraph.

2) Give readers enough context so they can understand what you’re talking about without having to do any outside research. Write fewer than 3 sentences.

3) Provide transitional sentences so readers know how one idea relates to another within your essay; don’t just jump around with unrelated ideas.

How to Start the Introduction Paragraph

Introduction paragraph can be started with a quote or anecdote from someone who experienced this event first hand in their life, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful speech on racism and equality.

Introduction sentence should summarize introduction’s main point so readers know what they are getting into before reading further; i.e., “Thesis Statement” – also called an “outline.”

The introductory sentence should have meaning and engage the reader right away! Remember that you only get one chance to make a great impression on the reader (in less than two sentences). So it is important that these opening lines are engaging and intriguing to the reader.

Introduction sentence should set up what is coming in your essay or paper, so that by reading this one line they are hooked into wanting to know more about it.

Case Study

Imagine a first day at school, when you don’t know anyone and are introduced to your new classmates. A teacher hands each one of you the same assignment – take a stand on some moral issue in today’s world that is controversial or divisive enough to spark healthy discussion between students from different backgrounds and beliefs. What will you do? That decision may depend on who you think I am before reading this paragraph any further.

If I’m just another student in your grade level, then it won’t be hard for me to choose what side I should take because my morals align with yours (at least so far). Even if they didn’t initially meet expectations, we would try to come up with a conclusion that would reassure our classmates and make them feel more comfortable about what we believe in.

If I’m your teacher, then the subject of my Introduction Paragraph may depend on how well you’re doing so far in this class. Maybe I’ll give an example of one student who has made some mistakes but is trying hard not to repeat them in order to get better grades or become a good person for their family again. Or maybe I’ll tell you something encouraging about myself as a way of letting you know that no matter where they are now, anyone can begin anew by believing that change is possible if they work hard enough at it – just like me!

And finally, if I’m someone who has to write Introduction Paragraphs for a living, I’ll have to think of something that will hook you and make my Introduction Paragraph the one who’s remembered. But in all honesty, any Introduction can be made interesting if it is well-written and makes its subject seem important. And as long as it takes only a few paragraphs, then this task should not be too difficult!

Format of the Introduction Paragraph

The Introductory paragraph should have the following sections: Introduction, Topic Sentence, and Main Point.

Examples of good Introduction Paragraph for Essays

Sample 1

This paper will be discussing feminist theory as an ideology. Its main point is to explore different perspectives on the topic from various feminists throughout history and how their ideologies have shaped feminism today. This article starts off by giving some background information for those who may not be familiar with what feminism is and its history.”

Sample 2: Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

This essay will discuss whether civilization causes more harm than good. It starts off by giving some background information on why such argument may exist and then goes into evidence from various sources which supports either position.”

Sample 3: Introduction Paragraph for Research Paper

This paper will discuss the origins of life and its evolution through time. In order to do this, we must first define what is meant by “life” and then explore how it arose on Earth from inanimate matter.

Sample 3: Introduction Paragraph about Yourself

What does being self-aware mean to me? I am always checking myself; looking at my actions and asking if they are aligned with who I want to be. I am not perfect and certainly make mistakes, but when I find one of these errors in my behavior or thoughts, it is a powerful feeling.”

Help Me With My Asssignment

As you can see, an introductory paragraph is a crucial piece of your essay. It should not be skipped and it needs to provide the reader with all they need to know about what will come next in the essay. We hope you’ve found this post to be helpful. It’s only the beginning of a long journey, but we’re looking forward to seeing what else you learn about how to write an introduction for an essay! If there are any specific topics that you want us to cover in future blog posts, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. In case you have essays to write, feel free contact anytime with questions or help writing essays on any topic imaginable – from college admissions essays all the way down through high school level research papers and book reports.

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