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How to write a Book or Article Review: Guide, Tips and Examples

How to write a Book or Article Review: Guide, Tips and Examples

Reading a book or article can be difficult. It is hard to keep up with the plot, and one may not fully understand it due to lack of vocabulary. Writing a review for a book or article can also be difficult since every book has a story and every article has an opinion. They are all based on the author’s experience, so it is important to understand what they want you to take away from their writing. This blog post will provide tips for understanding how to write a book review or article review as well as examples of each type of review.

What is a book or Article review?

A review is an evaluation of the merits and shortcomings of something, typically in comparison to others within its category (Wikipedia). A Book or Article review can be done on anything from books, articles, movies, video games etc. It usually entails giving readers an overview of how you felt about the subject matter as well as any other information that would be required for someone who has not experienced it themselves. Reviews are important because it gives people insight into whether this content will suit their interests before investing time and energy into reading or watching it – thus saving everyone both time and money! In order to write a good book/article review, there are a number of things you should take into account.

Step by step guide on how to write a book or article review

(Step One) Choose a book and/or Article to read (e.g., The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger, How to Write an A+ Book Review: Helpful Tips on Writing an Outstanding Book Report).

Major reviews have been written on such books such as: The Glass Hotel Novel, The giver of Stars, Firefly Lane book, Kirkus Review, The turn of the key, Behind her eyes review, lovecraft country book, among other reviews

 (Step Two) Read the entire text without taking any notes so you can get a full understanding of what is being discussed before writing your report. Note that it may be helpful to take away from reading with questions for further investigation such as “How have other people interpreted this?”

Draw conclusions about how certain things presented are significant.

Ask yourself whether you agree or disagree with these interpretations.

Find out more information if there’s something unclear.

(Step Three) After you read the entire text, take notes on what you found most significant in order to write a thesis statement.

(Step Four) Writing the actual book/Article Review:

  1. Introduce the book
  2. Briefly summarize the story.
  3. Discuss your thoughts on the book’s strengths and weaknesses. Use quotes from the text to back up your opinions
  4. Conclude with a summary of what you liked or disliked about it
  5. Recommend whether or not others should read it and why
  6. Provide a rating out of five stars (one being low, five being high)

Template of a book or Article review

  • Book Review or Article Review Title (e.g., “How to Write an A+ Book Report”)
  • Introduction paragraph – include who wrote the book and why they are qualified/relevant, as well as summarizing the main points of their argument.
  • Body paragraphs – summarize each section with its own point summary sentence followed by supporting evidence from within that particular chapter.
  • Conclusion Paragraph: The conclusion paragraph includes how this work is relevant today and any other observations about it. Include your recommendation for readers.
  • Reference: Reference list at end including author’s name, title, publication date, and page numbers

Tips of writing a book or article review

  • Keep in mind who your audience is when writing the review; do they have any common interests?
  • What genre does the book/article belong in?
  • Who are some major authors/speakers in this field?
  • What did you think of the plot and characters?
  • Did anything surprise you about them?
  • How were they developed throughout the story or lecture course lectures (for articles)?

Examples of Book/Article Reviews

Example 1

Book: How to Write an A+ Book Report

Author: Samuelson Media (Website) Publication Date: September 15, 2018

Summary Of Main Argument: The book discusses how to write a Book Report. It teaches the reader what makes a good Book Report and provides many examples of reviews.

What New Information Did You Learn From Reading This Work? This work did not present new information but it is helpful in teaching readers about writing an A+ Book Report.

Relevance to Modern Times: Unsure – this Book might be more relevant for school children than people who want to read books on their own from now-onward.

Overall Opinion about Book/Article Review: I highly recommend reading this article because its content will help you understand how to write a Book Report.


Example 2

Name of Reviewer, Name of the Book/Article reviewed, and Date published (optional)

What was your impression of this book?

This work is about how to write an A+ Book Report and provides many examples from reviews as well. While I found the content helpful in understanding what makes a good review it did not provide new information for me.

Relevance To Modern Times: The topics covered are relevant to today’s world with people wanting more written presentations instead of just videos or pictures on social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram. There will always be readers who want books rather than articles so this type of review is important for those wanting to know how to write a Book Report.

What did you think of the book’s writing style?

I found it was very easy to read and understand what the author wanted me to do at each step in the process such as outlining or summarizing. The only thing that bothered me was all of the examples from reviews were not current which took away some believability.

Is this an information-rich work? Would you recommend it to others, why or why not?

This work provides readers with many tips on how they can write their own A+ Book Reports but it does not provide new information so I would not tell someone else about it unless asked by them specifically.

My Opinion:

I would not recommend it to others. It has some good information, but the examples are outdated and there is nothing new in this book that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

What type of writing style does the author use? What words did they use most frequently or what sentence structures were used throughout?

The author’s style was very informal and conversational which I found to be a big plus because it made me feel like he knew what he was talking about. He also uses many examples from other writers so readers could see how their work can compare with his own experience.

Is this an easy read for those who aren’t familiar with English as their first language? How well do you think someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language can understand this book?

I think that the informal conversational tone would be easily understood by those who don’t speak English as a first language. The author doesn’t use any specialized vocabulary and his sentence structures are very simple so I wouldn’t find it hard to read at all.

What did you like about this book?

The highlight of the whole book for me was definitely the humor because he often used jokes or funny stories to illustrate certain points. Some other things that I liked were how well structured and organized everything was, especially in regards to copying successful writers’ approaches from line-by-line analysis. What didn’t you like about this book? How could it have been improved? This is a tough question because I really liked the book overall but if there was something that could have been better it would be more of a nitpick. It might just be me but some of his advice seemed to come across as being too confident and almost cocky at times.

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A book or article review is a critical assessment of the content and quality of a publication, such as an academic journal article or book. There are many things to consider when writing one depending on what type you’re reviewing (academic vs popular).

You’ll want to include your general thoughts about the work, how it compares with other books in its genre/category, who would be interested in reading this kind of material, if there’s anything missing from it that might make it more beneficial for readers, etc.

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