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Flexible employee benefit plan | Law homework help

250 words minimum and 3 scholarly sources, APA FORMAT

Your text discusses how employee benefits have changed over the years and how some employers are now offering flexible benefit plans. Develop what you would consider to be an ideal flexible employee benefit plan for a law enforcement agency or for a corrections facility. Discuss whether the costs of providing these employee benefits outweigh the impact on employee recruitment and retention, particularly in light of the changing expectations of people entering the workforce today. Include an analysis of whether higher wages are more compelling than better benefits. Be sure to incorporate recent and relevant research in your response and cite your sources using the correct APA format.

250 words minimum and 3 scholarly sources, APA FORMAT

Discuss the role of diversity in society and your thoughts on multiculturalism. Specifically, Is multiculturalism really a bad thing as some experts have suggested? Does it really dilute the “American Identity?” Why or why not?

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