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Exp19_access_ch01_hoeassessment – crowdfunding 1.0 | Computer Science homework help

#Exp19_Access_Ch01_HOEAssessment – Crowdfunding 1.0 

#Exp19 Access Ch01 HOEAssessment Crowdfunding 1.0

#Access Chapter 1 Hands-On Exercise Assessment – Crowdfunding 


Project Description:

In the following project, you will open a database containing the records of small crowdfunding corporation, work with a form in which to store key supporter information, add records, and sort tables. You add a record using a form and print a report. You apply a filter by selection to a table and a filter by form to a query and save the results for both filters.


Open Access, click Open Other   Files, and click Browse. Navigate to the folder location designated by your   instructor. Click Exp19_Access_Ch01_HOEAssessment_Crowdfunding.accdb   and click Open.

  Click the File tab and click Save As. Click Save As and save the file as Exp19_Access_Ch01_HOEAssessment_Crowdfunding_LastFirst.accdb.

  Click Enable Content on the Security Warning message bar.


   Now that you have opened the database, you examine the Navigation Pane,   objects, and views to become familiar with these fundamental Access features.

  In the context of this database, Key Supporters are those who pledged the   largest amount to any given Punchstarter campaign. You want to make sure that   the Key Supporters table is up to date, so that each of the Punchstarter   campaigns has an associated key supporter.

  Open the Key Supporters table in Datasheet view. In the Views group on the   Home tab switch to design and ensure the Data Type for the TotalPledged field   is Currency. Return to Datasheet view and use the Shutter Bar to hide the   Navigation Pane.

  In the third row of the data, replace Wayne   with your first name and Dwops with   your last name. Click Undo on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  In the navigation bar, click the right arrow with a yellow asterisk to add a   new (blank) record. Add the following records to the Key Supporters table:





















Lewis Center













  Close the Key Supporters table. Save the changes that you have made by   clicking Yes if prompted.


It is equally as important to   ensure that all Punchstarter campaigns have been entered into your database.   You’ll now update the Punchstarters table with information, pertaining to a   campaign called The Book Collection – A   Micro-Comic, by way of the Maintain Key Supporters Access Form.

  Display the Navigation Pane, if it is hidden, and open the Maintain Key   Supporters form. With your cursor in the Key Supporter ID field, use the Find   feature (in the Find group on the Home tab) to search for Dayin. Ensure that you are looking in   the Current Document and matching   to Any Part of Field. Click Find   Next. Close the Find dialog box.

  With your cursor in the PunchStartID field, add the following record to the   Punchstarters table via the New button in the Records group of the Home tab.

  PunchStartID: P015
  CategoryID: C008
  Name: The   Book Collection – A Micro-Comic
  LaunchDate: 5/20/2017
  Goal: 5720
  Supporters: 172
  Status: Successful
  Pledged: 6578

  Close the Maintain Key Supporters form.


You’ve now been asked to double   check the accuracy of the Key Supporters table. You open the table and   realize that someone who is not a key supporter of a campaign has been added   and you need to delete their record.

  Open the Key Supporters table in Datasheet view. Navigate to the Last record   via the navigation bar. Click the record selector to highlight the entire   tenth row (KS010, Stan, Dupp…).   Delete this record via the Delete button in the Records group. Select Yes   after reading the warning.

  Close the Key Supporters table.


The sales manager at   Punchstarter Corporation wants quick answers to her questions about various   campaigns. You use the Access database to filter tables to answer these   questions. The sales manager asks for a list of campaigns that were   successful. You’ll use a Selection filter with an equal condition to locate   these campaigns.

  Open the Punchstarters table in Datasheet view. Scroll right until the Status   field is visible. The third record has a value of Successful in the Status   field. Click the Status field and apply a Selection filter (Sort & Filter   group on the Home tab) for records Equal to “Successful”. Seven   records are displayed.

  Remove the filter via the Toggle Filter button. Then toggle the filter back   on.


Now, the sales manager asks you   to narrow the list of successful campaigns so that it displays only those   with names containing the word “on”. To accomplish this task, you   add a second layer of filtering using a Selection filter.

  The fourth record has the word on   in the name of the campaign. Highlight the last two letters of Clarkston (i.e. on). Apply a Selection   filter for records that Contain “on”. Three records are displayed.

  Save and close the Punchstarters table.


You are asked to provide a list   of records that do not match just one set of criteria. You will provide a   list of the failed campaigns that had more than $500 pledged to them. Use   Filter By Form to provide the information when two or more criteria are   necessary.

  Open the Punchstarters, Categories and Supporters Query. Filter by Form   (Advanced in the Sort & Filter group) for records with a Status of Failed and a Pledge that is >500. Toggle the filter. Four   records are displayed.

  Save and close the Punchstarters, Categories and Supporters Query.


The Sales Manager is pleased   with your work; however, she would like some of the information to appear in   a different order. You will now sort the records in the Punchstarters table   using the manager’s new criteria.

  Open the Punchstarters table in Datasheet view then hide the Navigation Pane.   Sort the data in Descending order by the LaunchDate field (Descending in the   Sort & Filter group on the Home tab). Now, sort the data in Ascending   order by the Status field.

  Save and close the Punchstarters table.


Close all database objects.   Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.

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