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Discussion post 1page length | Management homework help



Step #1:  Respond to the following Discussion Prompt

Discussion Prompt

Kayla, a supervisor, recently hired a new manager, Alex, but has received complaints from customers that they cannot understand him when they speak to him on the telephone. Alex is a Romanian employee visiting from the company’s Romanian office and is scheduled to remain with the firm for two years. Kayla is concerned that if she allows Alex to perform duties similar to other managers, the firm will lose customers; however, she is unsure about the firm’s liability for decreasing Alex’s responsibilities as a result of his foreign accent.

Discuss Kayla’s supervisory options for dealing with this issue. 

 Frame your response relative to the regulations associated with National Origin Discrimination Protection delineated on pages 327 to 333 of the text. 

 You may bring other ideas from other sources if you would like.

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