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Design process | Information Systems homework help

  1. Why is it so important in system engineering to become familiar with some of the analytical methods?
  2. Identify and describe some of the technologies that are being applied in the design process. Provide some examples of typical applications, and describe some of the benefits associated with the application of computerized methods in the design process.
  3. How does CAM and CAS relate to system engineering? Describe some possible impacts.
  4. How is design review and evaluation accomplished? Why is it important relative to meeting system engineering objectives? Describe some of the checks and balances in the design process.
  5. What is included in the establishment of a “functional” baseline, Allocated baseline, and Product baseline? Why is baseline management important?
  6. What is configuration management (CM) and how does it relate to system engineering? Define Configuration Identification (CI) and Configuration Status Accounting (CSA).

Part 5: Select a system of your choice, and construct a sequential flow diagram of the overall system development process. Identify the major tasks in system development, and develop a plan/schedule of formal design review. Briefly describe what is covered in each.

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