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Database | Database management systems homework help

Question 1:

Suppose you need to store and manipulate all data related to customers: names, addresses, items purchased, total purchases for the past year, invoices sent and invoices paid, and shipment records. Your best option for handling this kind of data is a

a. database

b. spreadsheet

Question 2: True or false?

The primary financial impact of a robust CRM system results from retaining current customers versus obtaining new customers.

Question 3: True or false?

A data warehouse will typically contain the history of all previous interactions with specific users (including product use and transactions), but rarely includes other types of data.

Question 4:

Staff/faculty member uses proprietary (owned and protected by the university) data from the university’s student financial records database in a graph that is part of a presentation at a computer education conference. Which of the following best describes the data issue?

a. Malicious data loss

b. Malicious data leak

c. Accidental data loss

d. Intentional data leak

Question 5: Fill in the blanks:

If a patch is required to address a potential loophole in the security of a database, this would be considered a potential security

a. threat

b. vulnerability

Question 6: True or false?

A record can contain only character data?letters, numbers, or special symbols.

Question 7:

What are procedures that help keep a database current?

a. Database query procedures

b. Report generation procedures

c. File maintenance procedures

d. Data entry procedures

Question 8:

Just before a major layoff, a nervous employee uses his legitimate access to the company’s database and begins downloading information related to the company that he might be able to use when applying for a new job–proposed projects, sales information, contact lists, and so on. Which threat best describes this database breach?

a. Unprotected personal hardware collection

b. Unauthorized access by insiders

c. Weak authentication

d. Accidental breach resulting from incorrect (but not malicious) usage

Question 9:

You are frustrated to find that the only way to contact the customer service department is to make a phone call. The number listed would result in long distance charges to your phone bill. Which issue should be addressed by the company to keep its CRM in line with your expectations?

a. Cleaning up the data

b. Mining the social media inputs

c. Customers expect more

d. Privacy

Question 10:

You want to change your cell phone plan and call the company to discuss options. This is a typical example of CRM that focuses on —

a. loyalty programs for current customers

b. customer service and support

c. profitability for the company

d. acquisition of new customers.

Question 11:

Which of the following would be an example of a loss of record confidentiality in a database?

a. Your favorite online shopping site suddenly begins displaying a different mailing address than the one you use.

b. You know you have not made any changes to your account profile.

c. You make all your personal information on the Facebook site “public” and available to everyone.

d. Your credit card company issued you a new card when your old one was about to expire.

e. Although you clicked the option to “Do not share information with any other companies or sites” on an online bookstore’s website, you are getting unsolicited e-mail messages from some of the companies that post ads on that site.

Question 12:

You make an airline reservation using the airline’s website. While at the site, you are encouraged to

“Follow us on… Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.” You visit the airline’s Facebook page and read notices and comments. What is this an example of?

a. Direct advertising

b. Increasing brand awareness through groups or fans

c. Viral marketing

d. Using the company’s own social networking site

Question 13:True or false?

A database breach always involves PII.

Question 14: True or false?

In terms of database access, risk assessments should address those who have legitimate credentials for viewing, entering, updating, or removing data from the database and those who are restricted from accessing the database or who have limited rights.

Question 15:

What is one advantage of using a relational database over a spreadsheet or flat file to store data?

a. It reduces risk of unauthorized access to the data.

b. It enables reduced memory and storage allocation.

c. It allows for reduced complexity in the design and implementation.

d. It reduces data redundancy.

Question 16: True or false?

You are going to be traveling outside of the United States and contact your credit card company to alert them of your plans and destinations. This is a good practice.

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