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Data Storage | Computer Science homework help

When a student took her psychology quiz, she did badly on the essay question. Earlier, she had written a good essay on this concept. The failure of which memory process led to her poor essay performance?

A) Encoding

B) Retrieval

C) Repression

D) Storage

With online systems, all information storage should be off-line to protect the data.

What is the difference between a thumb drive and a USB drive?

Give an approximate equivalent for the following units of storage.

a. bit

b. byte

c. kilobyte

d. megabyte

e. gigabyte

f. terabyte

g. petabyte

The Capacity of the internal hard drive is insufficient, and we are forced to use external hard drives and USB storage units.

a. How do we remove data from the internal Hard Drive?

b. How do we delete all information from the internal hard drive to make it reusable?

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