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Data management | Information Systems homework help

In an attempt to manage their data, small to midsized organizations use Excel spreadsheets or file sharing systems. This may be sufficient when the company is small, but as companies grow these methods exhibit some major shortcomings and limitations.  For this interactive assignment, you will take on the role of a consultant who has been employed by a growing business to evaluate whether or not Excel is still a viable solution. For several years, the company has opted to use Microsoft Excel to track its inventory due to its ease of use and flexibility. However, the current Excel inventory spreadsheet includes over 20,000 records and the company has recognized that searching for specific inventory records or generating reports is difficult. As part of your position, you must generate a memo to the executive board that explains the following elements and suggests a course of action for the company. Be sure to support the views presented in your memo with statements from your required resources. (Information on Writing a Business Memo Download Writing a Business Memo, as well as a Business Memo Template Download Business Memo Template, and a Sample Business Memo Download Sample Business Memoare provided for your convenience.)

In your memo, describe at least three limitations associated with the use of Excel and explain in general how they might affect business operations for a growing company. Describe how databases can help address these limitations, particularly with the search and reporting capability. Explain how databases can help the organization better manage its data than the current Excel solution. Describe some of the different database functions that would be involved in this data management. Use your required resources to support your statements.

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