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Cybersecurity Breaches’ effects on Financial Institutions | Computer Science homework help

Cybersecurity Breaches’ effects on Financial Institutions

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Internet safety matters a lot nowadays. It is not just about keeping data safe. It is also

shielding everyone, from regular people to businesses and governments, from online threats

(Perwe­j et al., 2021). These dangers grow as technology evolves. Folks who look for digital

weaknesses to take advantage of often create risks. To really get cybersecurity, you need to know

all its parts. It includes both tech stuff, like coding data and using firewalls, and people stuff, like

how internet scammers trick people. Hence, the significance of this study lies in the fact that it

enhances our own online safety and provides assistance to professionals working in industries

where the protection of digital assets is of utmost importance.



a) How are cyber threats changing, and how can we all try to outsmart them?

b) What part do people play in making cybersecurity weak, and how can we reduce this


c) How does working with other countries help fight cyber threats across the globe?


d) Where does the line cross between using cybersecurity ethically and protecting personal


e) How are new things like artificial intelligence affecting cybersecurity, for better or



When doing research on this topic, one should focus on solid sources like academic

articles, well­known cybersecurity journals, and trusted security group reports (Perwej, et al.,

2021). Interview transcripts with cybersecurity pros and experts are also great, giving real­life

views on the field’s problems and progress (Fujs, 2019). It is key to make sure information is

believable, up­to­date, dependable, precise, and linked to the topic. This leads to strong points

and helps the audience truly get why cybersecurity matters.

  • Find a minimum of three (3) sources. One (1) source must be an academic source and from the APUS Trefrey Library and the other sources must be credible and appropriate for college research.
  • Please include robust source summaries in your own words that explain the contents of the source and the relevance of the source to your topic.



Fujs, D., Mihelič, A., & Vrhovec, S. L. (2019, August). The power of interpretation: Qualitative

methods in cybersecurity research. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference

on Availability, Reliability and Security (pp. 1­10).

Perwej, Y., Abbas, S. Q., Dixit, J. P., Akhtar, N., & Jaiswal, A. K. (2021). A systematic literature

review on the cyber security. International Journal of scientific research and

management, 9(12), 669­710.

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