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Cultural awareness discussion | Philosophy homework help

 For this Discussion/Posting #1, please take the “Cultural Awareness Quiz” (a PDF file in the Module/Unit #1.  You may need to print out the document and take it or do it from your screen.  In addition to this, engage in a web search on the terms “cultural competence” (a popular term about gaining knowledge and skills to be culturally conversant and aware in business/health/applied settings).  Look over any of the links that come up.  Then, answer the following questions in this discussion.  Please respond to at least two of your peer responses as well. 

 *Your Initial Post (you have to answer questions in an initial posting on every discussion):  This should be 250 words single-spaced. 

1) What kinds of presumptions are made in the “Cultural Awareness Quiz”?  What kind of knowledge and or skills must you have to be considered “Culturally Aware”?  Do you agree with this?  Why or why not?

2) What do you think of these presumptions?  How accurate are these?  What kind of person does this quiz seem to base all of the answers on (male, multilingual, with what traits?, well traveled)?

3) How is “cultural competence” defined on the web?  What kind of presumptions are made through this notion?  What types of fields and or professions seem to use this term (“cultural competence”)?

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