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Creating the report | Information Systems homework help

In the Individual Project from unit 2, you were tasked to identify four vulnerabilities for various network assets. For this assignment, describe the following in 5-6 pages:

  • Cover page (does not count towards the page length requirement)
  • List and discuss the vulnerabilities and assets.
  • Rank the top six most vulnerable assets. Justify your rankings.
  • Given an existing scenario where there is an Information System audit:
    • Describe how the team would approach an audit of the six assets against the controls from Part 1.
    • Describe the types of tests that would be performed and any anticipated findings that could arise based on the climate described to this point for PVSS.
  • References page (does not count towards the page length requirement)

Cover page and reference page are not included in page count. Document formatting, citations, and references must follow APA format. The AIU APA Guide includes sections for paper formatting, as well as reference and citation examples. For example, 250 words equals one page of content.

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