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One of the most important documents within a project is the project charter. Review the research to learn more about what is commonly found within a project charter. Using your research, evaluate the project charter below.

Project Title: SIS Implementation Date: April 7, 2000

Scope and Objectives: Everywhere University is undergoing rapid growth resulting in an urgent need for a more efficient access to internal and external policies related to the student experience and programs. To this end, we are implementing a new p Student Information System Portal that will satisfy both these needs and will enhance communication across the organization.

Defining Conditions, Constraints, and Assumptions: The SIS must be operational on the last day of the Spring semester.

Staffing: The project manager will determine the skill requirements for the project and provide them, along with specific team member names, by June 1 to the appropriate functional managers. The project manager is authorized to have one clerical person to assist. Because of other campus priorities, the project team is limited to no more than 2 technical members without specific authority from the President.

Communications: Status reports will be provided to the President, the Deans, and the Project Sponsor bi-monthly.

> What sections are missing from this document?
> Why are they important?
> Recreate this project charter to include those sections and offer suggested wording.
> What are the remaining areas which may need to be refined to prevent “scope creep”?

Outline your plan addressing these issues and other issues.

Need 8-10 pages in APA format with minimum of 9 peer-reviewed citations. Must include introduction and conclusion.

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