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Computegrade in python | Computer Science homework help

Rewrite the grade program from the previous chapter using a function called computegrade that takes a score as its parameter and returns a grade as a string.



> 0.9


> 0.8


> 0.7


> 0.6


<= 0.6




1.     Write a custom function with the definition def computegrade(<your score variable>):

2.     The function should compute the grade using the score variable based on the table above. You can use if-elif statements to accomplish this

3.     Ensure your function has a “return” statement to return the computed grade back to the calling program

4.     Once the function is defined, proceed to writing the part of the program that takes in user input for score.

5.     Validate that the score is numeric within a try-except block.

6.     Invoke the above-defined computegrade function with the user-supplied score. Ensure you capture the return value within your program into a variable placeholder, or else use the print statement to print the return value directly

7.     Be sure to comment your program adequately!

8.     Remember your Python code will be graded according to our class Rubric.

9.     Submit your Python code file.  Name it “XXXX-score-function.py” where XXXX is your name. 

10.  Submit also a Word document showing screen shots of the various testing conditions.  Good programmers test all cases, so you should make sure you show tests for each possible grade level (A through F) plus error messages.


here is the code I did. run it, it works.

just need to reflect the computegrade and make that work too


# Given a given a numerical grade between 0.0 and 1.0

#This program converts the numerical score in letter grade.


#Prompt user for score between 0.0 and 1.0

prompt1 = “Please enter a score between 0.0 and 1.0: “


#convert input to float, because the input statement accepts user input as a string by default

#Wrap within a try-except code block to exit gracefully as the conversion will fall if the user supplied a non-numeric input!


  score = input (prompt1)

  score = float(score)


#Print the result

  if score <=1.0:

   if 0.9 <= score <= 1.0:

      print(“Your grade is an A”)

   elif score >= 0.8:

      print(“Your grade is a B”)

   elif score >= 0.7:

      print(“Your grade is a C”)

   elif score >= 0.6:

      print(“Your grade is a D”)

   elif score <  0.6:

      print(“Your grade is an F”)




   print (“Error, score cannot be greater than 1.0”)


   print (“Error, please enter a number”)



#End of Script


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